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S-5 U Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamp

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  • Clamps for attaching solar to almost any metal roof
  • High wind/snow load ratings

Product Information

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S-5 U Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamp6900053
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S-5-U Standing seam metal roof clamp

The S-5-U is our most popular option for attaching solar racking to a variety of standing seam metal roof tops. It can work with both vertically and horizontally-oriented standing seam roof profiles and securely attaches without piercing the metal paneling, providing easy installation and a long-lasting connection with no risk for leaks. Each S-5-U clamp includes stainless steel hardware and the clamps are compatible with most common metal roofing materials excluding copper. Because of the patented round-point set screws the S-5-U clamp provides secure attachment while still protecting roof coatings and weather tightness warranties.

A standing seam roof installation will need one S-5-U clamp for every attachment point (one S-5-U clamp for each L-foot included in the racking system.) S-5! clamps will work with most solar racking systems including IronRidge.
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S-5 U Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamp

Product Manual
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S-5 U Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamp

About S-5

Industry Leader in Metal Roofing Attachments

S-5! stays on top of trends in the metal industry to provide the right products to fit virtually any metal roof profile They have developed clamps and brackets to support solar and utility installations, along with a top-of-the-line snow retention system, also known as snow guard systems, to support and protect your metal roof investment.

S-5! supports continued research, development, and testing to assure quality end-products for metal roofs. They also provide their expertise in the metal construction industry, educating clients to preserve safety and security when attaching almost anything to a metal roof. Always manufactured in the U.S.A., they oversee every aspect of production for unequaled quality assurance at the best price.

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