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S-5 U Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamp

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  • Clamps for attaching solar to almost any metal roof
  • High wind/snow load ratings

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S-5 U Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamp6900053
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S-5-U Standing seam metal roof clamp

The S-5-U is our most popular option for attaching solar racking to a variety of standing seam metal roof tops. It can work with both vertically and horizontally-oriented standing seam roof profiles and securely attaches without piercing the metal paneling, providing easy installation and a long-lasting connection with no risk for leaks. Each S-5-U clamp includes stainless steel hardware and the clamps are compatible with most common metal roofing materials excluding copper. Because of the patented round-point set screws the S-5-U clamp provides secure attachment while still protecting roof coatings and weather tightness warranties.

A standing seam roof installation will need one S-5-U clamp for every attachment point (one S-5-U clamp for each L-foot included in the racking system.) S-5! clamps will work with most solar racking systems including IronRidge.
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S-5 U Standing Seam Metal Roof Clamp

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