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DynoRaxx Evolution PR Roof Mount Racking

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DynoRaxx Racking:
  • Innovative Design consists of only a few parts
  • Easy installation and fast delivery turnaround

Product Information

Model Part No. Price
DynoRaxx Evolution PR Roof Mount Racking6911012


DynoRaxx Evolution PR is an innovative system for installing solar modules on pitched asphalt shingled roof tops. Evolution PR consists of only a single compeont - the Evolution PR Mount. Each PR Mount includes a fully-assembled module clamp, butyl mastic sealant, and 5 WoodTite screws. The clamp accomodates all framed PV solar panels on the market and works with any array configuration. The mount and pre-assembled clamp are constructed of aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

Evolution PR is extremely easy to install. After an initial measurement and chalk line for placement for the first row, the precision components require no further field measuring because the solar modules act as a jig for aligning the next row. Evolution PR requires fewer hours to install, consists of less material for a lower cost, and ships via UPS or Fedex in small boxes.
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Features & Attributes

  • Includes Evolution PR Mount, Butyl mastic sealant, and 5 WoodTite screws
  • Fast installation
  • Universal design for asphalt shingle roofs
  • Rugged Construction
  • One pre-assembled component
  • Aluminum mounts and clamps with stainless steel hardware
  • 10-year material & workmanship warranty
  • 5-year limited finish warranty
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DynoRaxx Evolution PR Roof Mount Racking

Spec. Sheet
Installation Manual
Quick Guide Installation Steps
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About DynoRaxx

DynoRaxx was founded in 2006 with the goal of creating a simpler and more cost-effective solution for mounting solar panels. They are committed to developing PV racking solutions which are simple to install, consist of only a few components, and require little to no measuring, reducing human error and installation costs.

DynoRaxx offers comprehensive design and technical support services including site design, engineering, layout drawings, and installer support before and after the sale. Quick installation begins with fast order fulfillment and DynoRaxx is committed to quick service. The racking system consists of only a few components and is palletized for easy handling.

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