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MidNite Solar MNE175AL- Plus

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MidNite Solar Disconnects:
  • High quality, US-made disconnect boxes and enclosures

Product Information

Model Part No. Amps Volts AC Volts DC Size & Weight Price
MidNite Solar MNE175AL- Plus8917541175A125VDC25 × 16 × 4 in
27 lbs
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The MidNite Solar E-Panel comes standard with the basic over-current protection and disconnects required to install your renewable energy system. It can also expand to grow as your needs arise. The E-Panel integrates high voltage PV input, charge controller outputs, inverter over current protection, DC load circuits, AC input disconnect, AC input/output bypass, AC load circuits, DC-GFP circuit, and possible other charging source circuits. The pre-wired design saves in installation time, costs and complexity.

The Midnite Solar E-Panel is a compact, affordable panel for mounting a single inverter. But it is also modular for mounting multiple inverters. Unlike other Power Systems that tend to take up a large amount of horizontal space, by using a vertically stacked pair of E-Panels you can have two inverters in about the same space as a broom closet. The wider "Plus" model allows for the charge controller to be mounted on the door of the panel as opposed to the side, providing an even smaller system footprint.

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Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 25 × 16 × 4 inches
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Steel or aluminum chassis with all the required openings and knock outs to aid in a NEC compliant
  • system installation
  • Inverter mounts on a unique hinged door to keep the footprint of the system small as possible
  • Mounting brackets are included to aid in one person installations
  • Inverter battery breaker, inverter cables and snap in grommets included*
  • 500 amp / 50mv shunt included for battery monitoring systems
  • Bus bars are included for additional battery plus, PV plus and battery minus wiring
  • Heavy duty 175 amp AC power distribution bus bars included
  • 50 amp AC input disconnect for generator or utility included, pre-wired (15amp MM series)
  • 50 amp AC bypass switch for bypassing inverter circuit, pre-wired (15amp MM series)Mounting bracket to aid in mounting an OutBack MX60 or MidNite Classic to the side of the E-Panel*
  • Battery cable cover to enclose cables external to the chassis***
  • Inverter and charge controller mounting hardware
  • Rectangular cut outs for mounting a North American GFCI style AC outlet
  • Cut outs for mounting up to six additional 13mm wide din rail mount breakers and three 3⁄4” wide panel
  • mount breakers for additional circuits such as PV, wind, hydro or AC distribution
  • Plastic snap in conduit and fittings from chassis to inverter for AC, BTS and control circuits (OB
  • versions)
  • ETL listed to UL and CSA standards
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MidNite Solar MNE175AL- Plus

Product Manual
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About MidNite Solar

Born in the USA

The design and manufacturing of MidNite Solar's products is done at company headquarters in Arlington, Washington, and all qualify as "Made in America". MidNite Solar specializes in renewable-energy-specific electrical components such as the Classic MPPT Charge Controller, a wide range of combiner and disconnect boxes, lightning arrestors and circuit breakers.
The engineers are constantly designing and building products to meet and exceed the ever-changing electrical codes. The new MidNite Solar Birdhouse Emergency Disconnect Switch is a great example, it satisfies future codes requiring system owners to install a disconnect switch that emergency personnel can quickly and easily operate.

Advanced Charge Controllers

The MPPT charge controllers produced by MidNite Solar incorporate some of the industry's most advanced features. The Classic MPPT Charge Controller is the first charge controller to include arc fault protection making it the safest available charge controller on the market. These versatile charge controllers can accept multiple types of DC inputs including solar, wind, hydro and other DC power sources. Available in a wide variety of sizes, there is sure to be a charge controller from MidNite Solar that will fit your system perfectly.

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