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Neurio Solar Expansion Kit SEK-2

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  • Sophisticated home-energy monitoring
  • Smarter way to manage your home energy

Product Information

Model Part No. Price
Neurio Solar Expansion Kit SEK-29000325


Neurio Solar Expansion Kit

Neurio’s home energy monitor can also keep track of the performance of your solar energy system with the addition of this kit. The Solar Expansion Kit consists of two additional current transformer rings which plug into the Neurio device, providing real-time performance data on your PV system. Historical data can be exported from Neurio’s website and can be used by our experienced technicians to help size your PV system. Add this kit to your Neurio home energy monitor if you have a grid-tied PV system installed. The Solar Expansion Kit can be added at a later date and can be easily installed in your electrical panel when adding a PV system.


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Features & Attributes

  • Weight: .5 lbs
  • Includes two additional current transformers for measuring PV system performance with Neurio home energy monitor
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Neurio Solar Expansion Kit SEK-2

Installation Manual
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About Neurio

Neurio is an advanced and affordable home energy monitoring device which reports real-time power usage, patterns and more directly to any smartphone or internet-connected device. With the addition of the solar add-on kit Neurio can also monitor production of a PV system. Neurio has an open API which allows it to be interfaced with home automation systems including SmartThings for ultimate monitoring and control over your home.

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