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SimpliPhi PHI 1310 Wh Smart-Tech 24v 51.2 Ah LFP Battery

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SimpliPhi Batteries:
  • Drop-in upgrade for traditional lead-acid batteries
  • Compared to regular lithium-ion, LiFePo is safer, contains no toxic minerals, can better handle temperature extremes, and can sustain more charge cycles
  • Built-in Battery Management System: No external ventilation, cooling, or heating required.
  • Designed and built in California

Product Information

Model Part No. Voltage Amp Hours Type Warranty Size & Weight Price
SimpliPhi PHI 1310 Wh Smart-Tech 24v 51.2 Ah LFP Battery958014024VDC51.2AhLFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate)10-years11.25 × 9.25 × 6.25 in
32.65 lbs
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PHI 1310 kWh Lo-Profile Smart-Tech Battery

Simpliphi Smart-Tech batteries utilize revolutionary Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery technology. Simpliphi chose this chemistry because of its reliability, long cycle life, safety and maintenance-free operation. Each Simpliphi battery includes an integrated battery management system (BMS) which regulates the batteries ensuring they operate at optimal efficiency. The built-in circuit breaker protects the battery system from short circuits. Simpliphi batteries offer long cycle life with maintenance-free operation and no dangerous off-gassing or fumes. These batteries are suitable for a variety of applications, independent of the utility grid or in conjunction with it: net zero, peak shaving, emergency back-up, off-grid, portable and mobile.
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Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.25 × 9.25 × 6.25 inches
  • Weight: 32.65 lbs
  • • Built-in accessible 80 Amp DC breaker On/Off switch - increases safety and simplifies installations
  • • 24V LFP batteries with proprietary architecture and Battery Management
  • System (BMS)—do not require ventilation, cooling or thermal regulation
  • • Compatible with all industry standard inverter/charge controllers
  • • Dropin replacement for lead acid
  • • Multiple batteries can be wired in parallel for increased capacity (no series wiring)
  • • LFP is the safest, most environmentally benign Lithium Ion chemistry available—no risk of thermal runaway or fire
  • • No AC or toxic liquid cooling—negligible parasitic drain—long cycle life
  • • Non-toxic and non-hazardous recyclable materials
  • • Approved CA SGIP Advanced Energy Storage (AES) rebate program supplier
  • MPN: Phi1310 24v
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SimpliPhi PHI 1310 Wh Smart-Tech 24v 51.2 Ah LFP Battery

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