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Morningstar Corporation USB Meterbus Adapter (UMC-1)

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Morningstar Corporation:
  • Over 20 years experience designing inverters and charge controllers
  • Industry-leading reliability

Product Information

Model Part No. Price
Morningstar Corporation USB Meterbus Adapter (UMC-1)9912565
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The USB MeterBus Adapter (model: UMC-1) converts the MeterBus Rj-11 electrical interface to a standard USB 2.0 interface which allows communication between a PC and an applicable Morningstar charge controller or inverter. The UMC-1 MeterBus Adapter works with any Morningstar controller that only has a meterbus connection with no other communication options, such as the SunSaver MPPT, SunSaver Duo, and Suresine inverters.Back to Top


Morningstar Corporation USB Meterbus Adapter (UMC-1)

Spec. Sheet
Installation Manual
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About Morningstar Corporation

Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solar charge controllers and inverters. Since their inception in 1993, over 2.5 million Morningstar units have been installed in over 112 countries around the world. Morningstar controllers and inverters have set new standards in performance, quality, reliability and innovative features, and global solar markets have consistently recognized Morningstar's products as the industry's best overall customer value.

Manufacturing is conducted in a fully-automated, world-class ISO 9001 facility, and quality control includes 100% functional testing on every product, using the latest computerized test equipment and processes.

For over 20 years, Morningstar has preserved its ownership, management and strategy, which has allowed the company to build trusted, long-term relationships with its employees, customers and suppliers.

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