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Crown 12v Automotive Group 51 51-500 Battery

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Crown Batteries:
  • High quality deep-cycle batteries designed for deep cycling
  • Designed for the slow charge and discharge of a solar or battery backup system

Product Information

Model Part No. Voltage Amp Hours Type Warranty Size & Weight Price
Crown 12v Automotive Group 51 51-500 Battery996011512VDC9.32 × 8.66 × 4.94 in
40 lbs


Crown 12V 51-500

The Crown 51-500 is a group 51 sealed starter battery. This battery is used with the Kohler 10RESV, 14RESA and 20RESA generators. This is a cranking battery not designed for deep cycle applications.Back to Top


Crown 12v Automotive Group 51 51-500 Battery

Spec. Sheet
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About Crown

Established in 1926, Crown has grown to an international leader in battery supply. You can find Crown Batteries in heavy-duty equipment on- and off-highways all over the world. Throughout the railroad industry, moving freight efficiently to global markets. Our batteries are powering underground mining equipment in the Americas, Africa and Asia. They can be found in steel mills. In renewable energy installations around the world. In the recreational marine and automotive industries. And we’re reaching new heights in the aerial access equipment industry. Whether it’s floor care equipment at work in New York City or Tokyo…or an electric truck lift operating in Flint, Michigan…Crown Batteries can be found getting the work done. On time. In all critical applications.

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