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Other Manufacturer Water Miser Battery Caps

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Other Manufacturer Water Miser Battery Caps9999135Water Miser Battery Cap
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Flow Systems Water Miser Battery Cap

Extend the Life of your Batteries dramatically! Water Miser Battery Caps reduces water loss and save your expensive batteries. With proper regulated charging equipment these caps will lower water loss by 50 to 60 percent. Reduces almost 100% of the sulfuric acid droplets being carried by the escaping gases.

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Features & Attributes

  • Weight: .05 lbs
  • Never Remove Vent Caps - Vent cap flip open easily to inspect or water your batteries and flip close when done.
  • Reduced Watering - Moisture return medium and hydrophobic cindered disc features means less watering and fewer routine equalization of the electrolyte.
  • Longer Battery Life - The moisture retention medium assures that electrolyte gravities are stabilized within the battery cells resulting in consistent cell voltages and capacity characteristics.
  • Remains Drier - Drier battery and battery cell covers with cell to cell and battery to equipment body-grounding reduced.
  • Less Acid Mess -The built in "anti-splash" device allows only a minimum of electrolyte to be propelled into the immediate area when the "flip top" is open during inspection or watering.
  • No Explosions - The hydrophobic cindered disc is flame and spark retardant which virtually eliminates externally initiated explosions within the battery's cells.
  • Virtually Fume Free Batteries - The Water Miser Safety Vent affords the operator a greater safety factor as he now works in a more friendly, fume free environment made possible by the multi-features incorporated in its comprehensive and practical design.
  • Virtually Fume Free Batteries - The Water Miser Safety Vent incorporates multi-features in its advanced design enabling greater safety with a nearly fume free environment.
  • Easy to Handle - The Water Miser Battery Caps have ergonomics and safety in mind providing easy access and less exposure to Sulfuric Acid as fumes or liquid.
  • Ideal for Forklift, Golf Cart, Marine, RV and Floor Scrubber Batteries - The quarter turn bayonet design of the Water Miser Safety Vent makes it ideal.
  • Pays for Itself - With fewer watering, fewer equalization, fewer flushing and washing of the battery, the equipment and the charging station area you will save more than it's cost with the first 6 months.
  • MPN: Water Miser Battery Caps
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Other Manufacturer Water Miser Battery Caps
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