Add Back-up Power to your Grid-tie System

Add Back-up Power to your Grid-tie System

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With winter around the corner, a black-out or power outage can have costly consequences. See our personal story.

Sizing your back-up system is the first step. To establish your critical electrical load, decide what items you want backed up and how long they’ll need to run while the power is out.

Most appliances have nameplate ratings marked with Amps, Volts and Watts. Remember amps (A) x volts (V) = watts (W). Multiply the watts used times the number of hours the appliances will run. For more accurate measurements of your power use per appliance, you can use a meter to gage your actual electrical use in watts.

Be conservative with the number of appliances you back up. Draining batteries completely of their power will ruin them. This Load Evaluation Worksheet and Battery Sizing Worksheet may be useful to you.

Wholesale Solar’s Back-up System
Our 4400-240 Back up Power System includes eight sealed maintenance-free batteries. Capable of running large critical loads such as refrigerators, it can produce up to 9.6 kWh or 9,600 watt hours. Magnum Energy’s True Sinewave Inverter provides 120- and 240-volt input/output.

How a Back-up System Works
When you decide which electrical loads are critical to power during a blackout, a critical load sub-panel is separated out. Circuits feeding the refrigerator, lighting circuits and any other necessary loads are pulled from the main breaker panel into the isolated sub panel. This sub panel can be located next to your main panel, attached to it by PVC, or a metal chase nipple.

Next, a 240-volt circuit in the main panel is routed to feed the back-up, allowing the batteries to stay charged at all times. Power is then routed through the inverter to the critical panel, allowing those loads to run continuously. In the event of a blackout or brownout, the back-up system will take over in less than one third of a second. Note: It is possible to wire and program your backup system to take advantage of your existing solar panels for assured power during extended blackouts.

Get Help Sizing Your Back-up System
For assistance in backing up your home or business, please call one of our Sales Techs at 1 (800) 472-1142.

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