American Sweetheart Sale

American Sweetheart Sale

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Sweet savings on complete systems with American-made panels!


Wholesale Solar has stocked up on high-quality, American-made SolarWorld solar panels and we’re sharing the love. Through the month of February, we’re offering sweet savings on complete solar systems built with American-made SolarWorld panels.

American Sweetheart Special: Red hot savings on complete solar systems built with American-made panels. Valid through Feb. 27, 2015. Click for complete details.

Our panels in this sale are all made in the USA by SolarWorld, a company out of Hillsboro, Oregon. Every step of their production, from materials sourcing to solar cell manufacturing to panel assembly, stays in the country.

Why buy American-made panels?

  • Every dollar you spend on US-manufactured goods results in $1.34 back into the national economy¹, thanks to the “multiplier effect”: The workers you pay spend their wages on other US goods and services, and the workers they pay do the same, and so forth.
  • Every high-tech US manufacturing job results in 5 additional support jobs. Statistically, SolarWorld’s 700 US employees help create an additional 3000 jobs across the country¹ — including the 44 of us here at Wholesale Solar!
  • American-made panels are subject to our nation’s strong environmental and labor laws. While solar panels are a net benefit for the environment, they are not without impacts². Learn more about SolarWorld’s environmental practices.
  • SolarWorld was listed as one of the Top 4 industry leaders in the SolarScorecard 2014 report, which ranks manufacturers on criteria such as environmental sustainability, supply chain transparency, and worker health.
  • America has a lot of solar catch-up to do! As we mentioned in a previous post, countries like Germany are way ahead of us in solar adoption.




Just for fun: “Did you know?”

Solar-powered chocolate?

Picture of Roger, Wholesale Solar employee
Roger, our Random Factoid Enthusiast

Hungry for chocolate, but still got solar on your mind? Just a few months ago, Mars — the company that makes M&M’s and Snickers — launched a new factory in Topeka, Kansas that uses 100% renewable energy and is LEED Gold Certified.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification involves building/retrofitting structures under a set of green building criteria. It is used by organizations seeking official certification and also homeowners/small businesses seeking to build to “LEED equivalence”, using their criteria as guidelines without going through the official certification process.

For the DIYer, LEED criteria can help you think of features and tradeoffs for your next green building project, posing questions like “Should I invest in more solar, or work on energy conservation first?” or “How can I conserve more water, adding a rainwater catchment system or switching to low-flow faucets?”

Spring is in the air, and the panels know it too.

Although Valentine’s Day is now associated with romantic love, at one time it was instead linked to the arrival of spring.

Pole Mounted Solar Panels with a tracker

In general, the seasons can impact solar panel performance in multiple ways: The lengths of days affect how much sun the panels get every month, to start. Your angle facing the sun changes through the year, making tilt a consideration: some systems mount the panels on electronic or hydraulic solar trackers to follow the sun, while simpler setups require manual adjustments or use an average “good enough” tilt for the whole year. There are also considerations like temperature, snowfall, etc., and a good installer or DIY book can help you navigate them as they apply to your location.

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