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Community Project: Going 100% Solar with the BBCRC

Community Project: Going 100% Solar with the BBCRC

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From Steam Engines to Solar Power

We got the chance to do one of our favorite things this past week: help bring solar to our own community!

The Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture is a local non-profit that celebrates locally historic rail cars and the hobo culture that sprung up around them. The Center features several restored cabooses and cars, an extensive library on railroad history and culture, an outdoor communal kitchen, a small music venue, and even a blacksmithing shop. With its soon to be completed solar project, the whole site will be powered by the sun.

They got in touch with sales tech Jeremy A. who helped size the system to cover all of their usage needs, and after the non-profit started a crowd-funding campaign, the project took off. When we heard it was time to install the panels, the Wholesale Solar crew stopped by to lend a hand along with the volunteers from the BBCRC to get the 30 solar panels ready to go on their ground mounted array! The BBCRC had plenty of room to position the array just right, and they plan to install the rest of the system in the next couple of weeks to get it up and running.

Check out the gallery above for shots of everything that will be solar powered and to see how the installation went.

Components in the BBCRC’s Grid-tied System

SolarEdge Grid-tied System including:

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