Our Annual Free Racking Sale Returns!

Our Annual Free Racking Sale Returns!

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Rack Up Big Savings During Our Free Racking Sale

Our biggest sale of the year is back by popular demand. Wholesale Solar is offering Free American-made IronRidge roof mount racking with purchase of complete solar systems. Upgrade to the XR1000 roof mount racks for an additional cost. Ask your sales tech if the XR1000 is right for you.

Considering a ground mount? We’ll take 1/2 Off IronRidge ground mount racking with the purchase of a compatible SGA system. Call our solar experts for their recommendation.

Solar power is a “triple bottom-line” investment that benefits your family, your pocketbook and our planet. This month Wholesale Solar is making your investment even more attractive:

Racking Special: Enjoy FREE American-Made IronRidge Roof Mount Racking and 1/2 Off IronRidge Ground Mount Racking with the purchase of any complete solar system over $5,500*.

Did You Know?

Comparing roof and ground mounts for your home solar system

When budget is a concern, roof mounting is a great option. Choosing between a roof mount and a ground mount for your new solar system is a matter of evaluating the available space, shading, direction, and angle at each prospective location. You would want to install panels where they can get the most amount of sun while staying within your budget.

For most roof types (except clay tiles or dangerously sloped roofs, for example), roof mounting is significantly more affordable than ground mounting—sometimes just 50% of the cost—because there are fewer components to buy and less installation labor involved. There are no poles to purchase, post holes to dig, or concrete to mix and pour.

ground-mount vs roof-mount


The cost savings means you can invest in more solar panels. The additional power output will often make up for the small difference in efficiency between a less-than-optimal roof mount and an optimal, but expensive, ground mount. And with our Free Roof Mount Racking Sale*, your savings can be even better!

If you’re still not sure about roof versus ground mounting, give one of our solar experts a call at 1-800-472-1142. We can help you design an appropriate system—including figuring out the right kind of mounting to use.

What are “Triple Bottom Line” businesses?

You may have heard companies talk about the “triple bottom line” or the “three Ps.” This is when businesses prioritize not only Profit, but People and Planet too. Even if companies aren’t able to sustain all three P’s, they can still say, “Yes, we care!”

Image credit: Triplebotline, Wikipedia
Image credit: Triplebotline, Wikipedia

They don’t even have to be non-profits; even for-profit corporations can be legally organized into benefit corporations, ESOPs, or co-ops. Let’s take a look at each option:

  • Benefit Corporations (or B Corps) are a legal designation (in 28 states including California) or a third-party certification (in the remaining states) that allows corporations to officially consider environmental and social consequences in their corporate charter. In contrast, non-benefit-corporations are legally bound to maximize shareholder value above other concerns. (Wikipedia: B Corps)
  • ESOPs are Employee Stock Ownership Plans, a shorthand for companies whose stock is majority employee-owned. In our case, Wholesale Solar is an ESOP with 100% employee ownership —every person who works here is a shareholder, and we have no outside shareholders! That means we’re all directly invested in our company and our customers. (Wikipedia: ESOP)
  • Whereas ESOPs share capital, Cooperatives share capital AND management. Co-ops can be either employee-owned (like ESOPs) or member/customer-owned, and in the usual arrangement, each member gets one vote. Structurally, they can be anywhere between completely flat (directly democratic, consensus-based, every member participates in management decisions) or more electoral (members elect representatives or managers, who then make business decisions on their behalf). (Wikipedia: Worker co-ops)

In summary, these designations allow companies to better value their employees, customers and/or the environment—thus, triple bottom line! Wholesale Solar is already employee-owned, and we’re always working towards building a solar community that supports, educates, and nurtures its members, inside the company and out.

*Free Racking Sale Details:
• Only systems above $5,500 qualify.
• Cash, check or wire transfer required.
• Includes IronRidge XR100 roof mount racking.
• Does not include flashings or tile hooks.
• Cannot be combined with other offers.
• Contractor and dealer pricing do not apply.
• If the system you choose already has racking, we subtract the value of the racks from the price.
• If the system you choose does not already include racking, we will add it at no cost.
• Offer valid While Supplies Last only. Hurry, don’t miss out!

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