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Why Hawaiians Need Solar Power…

Why Hawaiians Need Solar Power…

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Maui Sunet
Hawaiians can get up 65 percent off of the total cost of their solar electric systems.

Due to their unique and isolated geographical location, Hawaiians pay more than double the average price per kilowatt-hour for their electricity than folks do on the mainland. Utility grids for each island run independently of each other, and in the event of a failure, the nearest neighbor is at least 3,000 miles away. Additional backup systems are put into place to maintain the high level of service needed for Hawaiian customers. So, what’s new? Everyone knows that Hawaii is expensive. The good news is, that compared to the mainland, it takes about half of the time for a solar power system to pay for itself. A one time investment now, could save you a great deal of money in the years to come.

Help From Your Government

The state of Hawaii offers a tax credit of 35 percent towards the purchase of a solar power system. This credit may be combined with the 30% Federal tax credit, giving you a total 65% discount on the cost of your solar electric system.

The legislation does not differentiate between a grid-tied or an off-grid set-up. Having your solar panels interconnected to the grid would allow you to sell any of the excess power back to the utility company, making for an even shorter return on investment. Solar panels pay for themselves eventually. It’s a win-win situation.









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