New High Voltage String Combiner with DC Disconnect

New High Voltage String Combiner with DC Disconnect

Sharing is caring!, MA – Solectria Renewables has met the 2011 NEC requirement for a String Combiner Box with optional DC Disconnect, and introduced it Tuesday at Intersolar. The DC Disconnect will allow first responders, maintenance crews and installers to disconnect the high voltage PV at the source.

The STRCOM string combiner has a load-break rated DC switch in the core, that trips so fast it will break the circuit without an arc. The switch passed its test for UL508 and is also CSA approved.

These outdoor rated disconnects come in two sizes, one comes with 8 fused inputs, the other has 16.

“As soon as the 2011 NEC was released, Solectria Renewables worked to provide a solution to our customers that would be compliant,” said James Worden, CEO of Solectria Renewables. “We understand the importance of safety when installing and servicing solar arrays. The DC disconnect option provides this added safety component.”

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