Install of the Month – June 2016

Install of the Month – June 2016

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Greetings Solar Fans, and welcome to the Wholesale Solar’s Install of the Month for June 2016. This incredible install is brought to you from the great state of Massachusetts. With the generous net metering policy, Solar Renewable Energy Credit incentive program, and 30% federal tax discount, Seth certainly installed at the right time!

Seth F purchased a 11.88kW Suniva/SolarEdge System utilizing 36 of the Suniva 330 Watt panels and one 11.4kW SolarEdge Inverter. (We’ve since modified that system to be an 13.6 kW Grid‑Tied Solar System with SolarEdge and 40x Suniva 340 Watt Panels) Although it’s simpler for us, and easier for you to use one of pre-packaged complete solar systems we can easily modify them to meet whatever roofing limitations, HOA requirements or permit requirements you might have.

The solar tech that helped Seth F put together his system was our very own Jeremy A. He reassured Seth that even though he was going on vacation before the install, Seth had the entire Wholesale Solar team behind him and we would be there for any questions or support he needed. They went over a number of different systems and what Seth’s requirements were and the system that was purchased was actually Jeremy’s first suggestion to the customer (What can we say, we know what we’re talking about!). Knowing that this is one of the highest value systems that we keep in stock he also knew that we have a ton of successful installs for the system under our belt and would be able to help Seth in any way he needed.

Even though it took more than a year to work out the details and ship the system to the customer, Jeremy said Seth was a real pleasure to work with and enjoyed how Seth was always looking forward to the next step.

Components In Seth F’s System

Interview with Seth F

How long was the full installation process from receiving your equipment to flipping the switch? How many people did it take?

The actual physical install took me (and two good friends) basically two weekends, with bits an bops during the week. After the install, the inspections and the meter swap took about two more weeks. The permitting and state approval took the most time, about 2 months. [Editorial: bet he wishes he’d gotten the SolarPro Pack to help with permitting!] I had two friends help me one at a time. I sat on the equipment for two months before actually starting the install.

Did you have any previous construction experience?

No professional construction experience but I’m a Ship’s Engineer by trade so I can figure most things out and I’m decent with my hands.

What was the most confusing or difficult part of the installation?

Installing the mounts and securing the panels so they were level and square.

Were there any unforeseen additional parts or tools you needed?

The electrical inspector pinged us on the labels. I had to order a much larger label kit. I purchased a pvc conduit bender to make it look clean. [Editorial: We recommend for your one stop shop for labels, stickers and placards.]

How/Why did you choose to self-install?

Much cheaper than hiring someone to do it

What was your primary reason for adding solar to your home?

To reduce my electric bill and carbon foot print

Congratulations Seth on the successful install and incredible home from all of us here at Wholesale Solar!

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