Installation of the Month – January 2016

Installation of the Month – January 2016

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Interview with John C.

How long was the full installation process from receiving your equipment to flipping the switch?
From the time of delivery to flipping the switch was two weeks. This does not include the obtaining of the permit or the installation of the 3″ pipe sub-structure.

How many people did it take?
Two people. Myself and one helper.

Did you have any previous construction experience?
Yes. I have a good amount of construction experience.

I chose to self install to save money, do a quality job, and was able to do the work.” – John C., Installation of the Month Winner

What was the most confusing or difficult part of the installation?
The most difficult part was the drilling of the holes for the piers because of the angle on the hill and the solid rock that was encountered. That was the difficult part. There was no confusing parts for me.

Were there any unforeseen additional parts or tools you needed?
I had all the tools except for the auger attachment for my Bobcat.

How did you choose to self-install?
I chose to self-install to save money, do a quality job, and was able to do the work.

What was your primary reason for adding solar to your home?
The reasons for using solar energy are: I use a lot of power, I know the utility rates are only going up, I have the space for it, and it’s clean energy.

Thanks John, and congratulations on your new solar system!

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