Introducing Customer Installation of the Month

Introducing Customer Installation of the Month

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Here at Wholesale Solar, we love receiving photos from happy customers sharing their excitement about their new solar system installations. Whether they took the DIY (Do It Yourself) route, or hired a professional installer, it’s always a thrill to finally flip the switch and start generating your own electricity.

We decided to showcase some of these customers in our new feature, “Installation of the Month.” Every month we’ll choose a customer to interview, and will showcase their submitted photos via our blog, newsletter and website. As an added bonus, we’ll even send them some Wholesale Solar shwag such as T-shirts, hats or stickers.

March 2015 Winner: Brian J. from Salinas, CA.

“Thanks again for all your help throughout the project. From my early information gathering to ordering to installation questions, you and your team were helpful, professional, and courteous.” — Brian J., Installation of the Month Winner

Interview with Brian J.

Wholesale Solar: How long was the full installation process from receiving your equipment to flipping the switch?
Brian: I think about 60 man hours actual installation time. I received equipment 1/27/15. Final Building inspection was 2/11/15. PG&E gave OK to activate on 2/26/15. It took almost 2 weeks off and on to supply PG&E with the applications and forms on the format they required. I think this was partly due to my lack of tech savvyness.

WSS: Did you have any previous construction experience?
Brian: I am a retired general building contractor with a broad knowledge of most all building trades.

WSS: What was the most confusing or difficult part of the installation?
Brian: Equipment was all kitted out and well labeled. Just keep at it until the parts were all used. Could have used an extra pair of hands installing the modules or pulling some of the wiring.

WSS: Were there any unforeseen additional parts or tools you needed?
Brian: Just basic tools is all that is really needed for installation.

WSS: How did you choose to self-install?
Brian: Thought it was time to tap into my construction experience and self-install my own system. Never been one to pay someone for something I could do for myself.

WSS: What was your primary reason for adding solar to your home?
Brian: Solar technology has improved, and costs have come down. By self-installing I was able to save all the labor costs. After 1 month of operation, it looks like I may be able to produce pretty much all of my electricity. Already building up a NEM credit. With the labor savings and reduced PG&E costs, The ROI is probably reduced to about 3-4 years.

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If you are a Wholesale Solar customer and want a chance to be our featured installation, submit your install photos to Wholesale Solar Installation of the Month.

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