Introducing the Magnum PT-100 MPPT Charge Controller

Introducing the Magnum PT-100 MPPT Charge Controller

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Josh showing off the Magnum PT100 MPPT Charge Controller

In this new SolarTechTV video, Josh the Tech Guy shows off Magnum’s brand new PT-100 charge controller. It’s a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) unit, which means it continuously monitors connected solar panels under varying sun, shade, and temperature conditions and optimizes their power output to ensure maximum efficiency. It does this by immediately responding to environmental changes and adjusting the panels’ voltage and amperage accordingly, ensuring a steady flow of power to your loads or battery bank (learn more about how MPPT works).

This Magnum proudly lives up to its name: Able to handle up to 100 amps per unit, one PT-100 can manage a 6.6 kW (6600 watt) solar array at up to 99% conversion efficiency. No other charge controller we’ve seen can take on so much, and that means fewer controllers to buy, more panels you can afford, and more power you can generate! And for truly massive projects, up to seven PT-100s can be stacked for a total of 700 A / 46.2 kW capacity.

The PT-100 comes with great safety features as well: built-in over-current, reverse current, ground fault, and NEC 690.11-compliant arc-fault protection. You won’t need a separate arc-fault circuit interrupter to meet electrical code requirements, and the unit itself is ETL listed to UL 1741 and CSA specs.

Maximum power? Check. High-efficiency? check. Safety features? Check. Did we mention it has a five-year warranty, built-in data-logging, and a simple, informative LED display?

Watch Josh’s video, above, for a detailed breakdown of all its features and components.

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