April Savings – Federal Tax Credit and Solar RV Sale

April Savings – Federal Tax Credit and Solar RV Sale

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With summer just around the corner, there are two great reasons to consider going solar:

30% Federal Tax Credit

Buying a solar system for your home or business may qualify you for a 30% Tax Credit for the total cost of your entire installation. Of course this includes the cost of the solar power system, and also the cost of installation, engineering, random equipment, fees, etc. So save your receipts throughout the process!*

See our federal tax credit page for details, and also check our local and states incentives page for possible additional savings on top of the federal credit.

The future of the 30% Federal Tax Credit is murky and will either be decreasing or disappearing as of December 31, 2016. Make your purchase now to lock in your credit in for the 2015 tax season!

*Your expense items may vary. Be sure to speak with your tax professional.

“Hit the Road” RV Solar Kit Sale

Getting ready for a grand summer road trip? Adding a solar power system to your RV allows you greater freedom on the open road. Why tether yourself to campsite hookups when you can be out boondocking with the best of ’em?

Through the month of April, we’re offering Free Shipping on our newly-revamped RV Solar Kits — they’ll provide clean, quiet power the next time you go camping.


Did You Know?

Solar chargers can extend the lifespan of your RV batteries

Lead acid batteries can be finicky and do not like to stay at a too-low state of charge. Failure to keep them adequately charged between uses can cause “sulfation,” in which lead sulfate coatings on the battery plates can crystallize and not hold further charge; this decreases the usable capacity of your batteries.

Furthermore, batteries can be completely ruined if you allow them to discharge too much, such as through infrequent use of your RV. Not only can this decrease the number of usable charge cycles, in the worst cases it can completely void your battery warranty.

Using an RV solar kit from Wholesale Solar can ensure that your batteries are adequately charged and regularly topped off, keeping them operating at top performance and ready to go when you are.

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Roger, our Random Factoid Enthusiast

Who wants to listen to a generator while camping?

Generators are noisy beasts. In the worst cases, they produce more than 60 decibels of incessant noise—that’s like camping in the middle of highway traffic. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your vacation listening to the sea or watching the wildlife in peace and quiet? By contrast, solar charging systems are almost completely silent.

When you call, ask about our Magnum AGS (Auto Gen Start) systems that automatically monitor your batteries, charging them primarily off solar and only kicking in the generator as backup if battery charge levels drop too low. Want the best of both worlds? We also have Magnum load-sharing controllers that let you charge your batteries with both solar and generators together.

Panels are getting more efficient every year

As photovoltaic technology continues to improve, solar panels are getting smaller and more efficient every year. This means more power in less space: Our new Solarland SLP100S modules put out 13 watts per square foot, and we also have Portable Solar Kits that you can carry around like a briefcase to provide power wherever it’s needed, whether that’s at the RV or at a picnic site. Ask your salesperson for details!

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