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SolarEdge, the New Kit on the Block

SolarEdge, the New Kit on the Block

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Wholesale Solar is now offering solar power systems using the SolarEdge Systema new approach to gridtie systems. In these new systems, SolarEdge PowerBox optimizers are paired up with Astronergy solar panels and strung to an ETL listed SolarEdge inverter.

The Solar Edge Gridtie System
In a SolarEdge System, SolarEdge Power Boxes are paired with solar panels to provide DC to DC Power optimization. Click For a Larger View.

SolarEdge Systems share some similarities to Enphase Microinverter Systems, and offer many of the same benefits. Like SolarEdge PowerBox optimizers, microinverters control the output of each solar panel with Maximum Power Tracking. While microinverters optimize DC power and convert it to AC power, PowerBoxes offer DC to DC power optimization. Compared to a traditional gridtie system, both SolarEdge and Microinverter systems offer much more flexibility when it comes to system sizing and design:

  • There is no more need for string sizing.
  • Temperature is not a factor because fixed string voltage ensures the inverter always operates at its peak efficiency voltage and prevents under-voltage power losses even on hot days.
  • Panels don’t all have to be facing the same way
  • Different string lengths can now be accommodated.
  • Solar power ratings and technologies can vary.
A Traditional Gridtie System
In a traditional gridtie system, a centralized inverter is responsible for the DC to AC conversion.

A traditional gridtie system is similar to a SolarEdge system in that it has one or more inverters responsible for DC to AC conversion for all of the solar panels in an array. Some prefer traditional gridtie systems,because the inverters are more accessible than microinverters. Others prefer to rely on a system with proven technology that has been around awhile.

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