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Investing in solar is a no-brainer in Oregon.

Investing in solar is a no-brainer in Oregon.

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An Offgrid Solar Power Home in Oregon

Making the decision to invest in solar in the state of Oregon should be a no-brainer. Why? Because it is one of the most supportive states in the nation when it comes to “going green”. If state and federal incentives and tax credits are combined, a home or business owner  can recover as much as 80 percent of their costs!

Financial support varies slightly for the two different types of solar power systems–off-grid and grid-tie. Off-grid and Grid-tie Solar Power Systems can take advantage of:

  • A Personal Tax Credit for residential systems up to $6,000 or up to 50% of equipment costs.
  • A host of energy efficiency rebates and loans. (Reducing your energy needs translates into a smaller system with a better price tag.)
  • Property tax exemptions.
  • The 30% Federal Tax Credit, which can be applied to equipment and installation costs for commercial or residential systems.

Owners of Grid-tie Solar Power Systems also can take advantage of:

  • Net-Metering Programs, which allow owners to sell the excess power their system generates back to their utility company for credits.
  • Rebate Programs with their utility companies
  • Incentive-based compensation. (Some Oregon utility companies pay their customers for the amount of power their systems generate over a ten or fifteen year period.)

Read more about Oregon solar incentives.

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