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Our Install of the Month has been a tradition for the past three years. It’s a mark of pride not only for our customers, but for us as well. We love seeing each and every completed project, and want you to share it with us and our online community – whether you installed it yourself or hired a local installer. The work you put in deserves to be shared.

"The system comes in many parts, and seeing it sitting in my garage for a month before I attempted the install was intimidating."

Our Q&A questions below are your chance to give us all the details you care to share about your entire experience, good or bad, fun or daunting. From deciding to pick up the phone to call us, to pouring cement, to getting your permit: if it happened, we want to hear about it.
Tom M., May 2018 winner

Share Your Experience

At Wholesale Solar, we have one goal: to help you get the best system for your needs without any fuss or pressure. Now is your chance to share what it was like working with us from your perspective. 

Show Off Your DIY Chops

DIY is no walk in the park, but it is very rewarding and never without a story or two behind it. Let’s see that ingenious solution you came up with on the fly, the picture your kid took of you crying over your wiring diagrams, or your favorite trusty work boots.

Let Others See What It's Like

Most people don’t even know DIY solar is an option. Show them it’s doable, and a great way to save money on solar while getting a fully customized system you know is right for you. 

Play Video


We started noticing that whenever happy DIYers sent us pictures of their completed systems, there was always at least one photo with that look of “I Did It!” — arms outstretched in front of your hard work. So grab your camera and show us your Solar Power Pose!


Want to see what an Install of the Month looks like before you submit yours? We share them on our blog, our website, and on social media, and they’re by far out most popular posts. Check out past recipients to get an idea of what yours will look like.

Ready? Fill Out The Form:

  • Give us your background with anything DIY: construction, home improvement, etc.
  • Let us know where you ran into problems and how you overcame them.
  • Tell us who helped you and how they helped out. Your neighbors, friends, family etc.
  • Did you hire a general contractor, electrician, or any other professionals to help?
  • How long did the different installation processes take? These include racking, solar panels, wiring, etc.
  • Describe the feeling you had once it was finally complete!
  • Tell us your research process and why you liked other retailers and why you ultimately chose to work with us.
  • Let us know the Total Solar Installation Cost: System, Installation fees, Hired Help, Permitting, Tools, equipment etc
  • How much did you save individually on federal, state, or local taxes?
  • Add a mix of up to 8 images and/or videos. If you experience problems uploading, please contact our content manager at [email protected].

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