Texas…The Big Oil State is Big on Solar

Texas…The Big Oil State is Big on Solar

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Solar Panel Installation in Galveston Texas When you think of Texas, you think of big oil, but did you know that Texas ranks 16th among the states for installed PV power? The nation’s largest consumer of energy is quickly becoming one of the nation’s leaders in solar. And, as the second largest state, Texas has plenty of room to expand, and plenty of sunshine to harness.

To boost the trend in solar, some Texans are lobbying to get a consistent state solar incentive program. Currently, residents can get various funding for their PV projects through their utility companies, and can combine these with the 30 Percent Federal Tax Credit and various property tax credits. Net metering programs are few and vary greatly among the utility companies.

Some utility solar incentive programs are fully subscribed to for 2011, but there are quite a few fantastic deals out there. Wholesale Solar is encouraging Texans to research their own utility companies to find out what is being offered. Go to Texas page on the Dsire Database of State Incentives, scroll down to the “Utility Rebate Program” to look up your utility company. If you find that rebates at your utility company are fully subscribed for 2011, keep this website bookmarked and keep informed of next year’s rebates.

There Are Some Great Rebates Worth Pursuing in Texas
El Paso Electric, Oncor, and Swepco are a few utility companies that have 2011 rebates still available as of September 2011. They offer $2.00 per watt rebate for residential projects and $1.75 per watt for non-residential, with exception of Oncor. Oncor offers $1.50 per watt for non-residential projects. Read more here.

San Antonio’s CPS Energy Solar Initiative Rebate Program offers their customers tiered incentives that range from $1.65 to $3.00 per watt, based on the calculated expected performance of the system. Solar projects get up to $200,000 of the total project cost on residential and commercial installations. Read more.

Austin Residents Get a Bonus Incentive Through the End of September
Austin Energy customers are now eligible for a temporary bonus incentive through the end of September. Increasing the $2.50 per watt rebate to $3.00 per watt. Systems must be installed by September 30, 2011, to be eligible for the $.50/Watt bonus. The yearly cap per household has been raised from $15,000 to $18,000. Read more.

Read more about Texas’s Solar Incentives here:


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