Ask Wholesale Solar: Which Batteries Are Right For Me?

Ask Wholesale Solar: Which Batteries Are Right For Me?

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There are a lot of reasons folks make the decision to go solar. More and more, that decision involves including an element of backup power, which is stored using batteries.  But which batteries are right for which solar project? Which batteries should you use if you’re running your whole home off-grid? What about for a small cabin that you only visit once in a while? Which batteries are best if you’re adding the security of backup power to your grid-tied home? And how does emerging technology like the Tesla Powerwall compare with other new energy storage technologies?

Get an expert perspective on all of this, and learn about the newest battery technologies, in this latest video in the Ask Wholesale Solar series.

Solar design tech Jeremy A. discusses the differences between the most common types of batteries used to store energy from your solar array, including lead-acid batteries and sealed AGM batteries, and  goes over emerging technology such as lithium ion batteries like the Tesla Powerwall and aqueous ion batteries.

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4 Replies to “Ask Wholesale Solar: Which Batteries Are Right For Me?”

  1. I need a solar battery which will(for sleep apnea) power a C-Pap machinefor 8 hours and two cell phone till charged

  2. Hey Pat! Before we recommend a system, let’s evaluate your power specifications like total wattage being drawn, amperage, and voltage. You can get an idea using our load calculator, making sure to check out the wattage of common appliances. Once we know what kind of power you’re going to be drawing, we’ll be able to more accurately recommend a system for your needs! In the meantime, to get a very basic idea of what one solution could look like, you might want to take a look at our Weekender off-grid system.

  3. Hi I have a home off the grid with a Generator back up I had 4 12v 200ah battery’s that were in the house when I bought it. I have 3 Solar panels approximately 145 watts each. I now have 2 Trojan 16le 6v battery’s and would like to add 2 more. Does it really matter the age of the battery’s if I put 2 more in sequence with these.

    1. Hey Frank! Thanks for the great question. You do want to avoid mixing new batteries with old ones, because essentially your new batteries will be aged to be as old as the ones you’re going to add them to.

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