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About PWRstation


Retractable Solar Racking Technology for Ultra-Rapid Deployment of Transportable Solar Microgrids

Despite continuous advances in solar technology and the sector’s record growth, there are numerous situations where today’s traditional solar installation projects are unfeasible. Obstacles include sites with time or land constraints, or situations when the need for energy is immediate or its duration unknown.

PWRstation’s mission is to overcome the constraint’s of today’s typical fixed solar installations by making solar power immediately available and easy to activate virtually anywhere.

Swiss-based PWRstation is a solar product developer that designs and markets a proprietary retractable PV racking technology under the brand EXOrac that is engineered to:

  • Substantially simplify and accelerate PV deployments
  • Enable deployments of variable durations
  • Provide end users the ability to relocate and redeploy solar assets as needed