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About REC Solar

Key Points

  • Optimized for low-light conditions
  • Robust frame design


REC solar panels

Founded in 1997, REC Solar is one of three subdivisions of Renewable Energy Corporation whose headquarters are in Norway. REC Silicon has its production facilities for silicon materials here in the US--Moses Lake, Washington and Butte. Their wafer production and cell production sites are in Norway.

REC is committed to the production of clean energy and is continuously developing new technologies to lower carbon footprints and reduce energy payback time.

The Fraunhofer Institute, a leading European solar technology research institute, concluded a 12-month study in September of 2009 showing that REC Solar panels outperformed a leading Chinese producer of solar panels by 4.8 percent and a leading European manufacturer by 1 percent. Results also showed that REC Solar's use of their Sunarc anti-reflective treatment on the solar panel’s glass increases energy production.

REC Solar panels are optimized for low light conditions such as sunrise and sunset. In effect, they wake up early in the morning and go to sleep late in the evening. REC panel frames are more robust in construction than other leading brands--withstanding heavier snow and wind conditions.

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