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About Samsung

Key Points

  • Committment to R&D
  • UL, CEC and IEC certified
  • Extensive experience in electronics manufacturing


Key Points:
  • Samsung holds the most amount of solar energy patents
  • Household name with 30 years experience in electronics
Samsung solar modules

With more than 30 years experience in LCD and semiconductor manufacturing, Samsung has always created high quality electronics. But did you know that Samsung manufactures high quality mono-crystalline solar panels? No stranger to solar, Samsung actually holds the most amount of solar patents in the world.

Samsung solar panels are of the highest quality in design and build. The solar cells are owned and manufactured by Samsung ensuring low degradation and highest possible power output per cell.

Samsung is not a fly-by-night company. A strong company with years of global research and development, they have high customer satisfaction rating and back their product with strong warranties.