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About Suniva

  • Website: http://www.suniva.com/
  • Made in: United States
  • Warranty:

    10 years workmanship

     25 years linear power output

Key Points

  • 40 years of Research and Development
  • High efficiency ratings


Key Points

  • 40 years of Research and Development.
  • Extremely high efficiency ratings.
  • Uses 80%+ US-made components. "Buy America"-compliant.
  • Partners with Georgia Tech and provides students hands-on learning.
Solar Farm in West Tennessee powered by Suniva solar panels
Solar Farm in West Tennessee powered by Suniva solar panels

Wholesale Solar is pleased to have recently forged a new partnership with Suniva. Suniva produces premium, high-efficiency panels made with over 80% U.S.-made materials. Wholesale Solar gets a great price on these panels, which means we can offer our customers a premium panel at a competitive price.

Questions? Call one of our solar experts at 1-800-472-1142.

Why Choose Suniva Modules?

American Innovation - Based in Norcross, Georgia, Suniva has a partnership with Georgia Tech, where students get hands-on learning experience in the field of green technology. In fact, many of Suniva's silicon cells are grown right there in the lab at Georgia Tech.

Suniva is one of only a few U.S.-operated manufacturers that offer "Buy America-compliant*" modules, and their panels contain more than 80% U.S. content. Their premium solar modules have one of the highest percentages of U.S. content in the industry.

Premium Product - Suniva is the leading U.S. manufacturer of high-efficiency, high-quality PV solar cells and high-power modules. Factor in a competitive price tag, and it's clear that Suniva solar modules are a great choice for discerning DIY solar customers.

*Buy America compliant means that more than 50% of the content (by value) must be U.S. product. Suniva exceeds this requirement with our 80%+ U.S. content. In addition, final assembly must occur in the USA.

Suniva Solar Panels

ModelPart No.WattsAmpsVoltsPrice
Subcategory: Mono
Suniva OPT260-60-4-1B0 Black Mono Solar Panel1524404260W8.52A30.5VDCCALL
Suniva OPT265-60-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524405265W8.64A30.7VDCCALL
Suniva OPT270-60-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524406270W8.68A31.20VDCCALL
Suniva OPT275-60-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524416275W8.64A31.70VDCCALL
Suniva OPT285-60-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524436285W8.93A31.9VDC
Suniva OPT330-72-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524520330W8.78A37.6VDC
Fewer than 11 left!
Suniva OPT335-72-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524530335W8.89A37.7VDC
Suniva OPT340-72-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524540340W8.99A37.8VDC
Subcategory: Mono Pallet
Suniva OPT325-72-4-100 Silver Mono Pallet (22) of Solar Panels of Solar Panels15245117150W8.67A37.5VDCCALL
Suniva OPT330-72-4-100 Pallet (22) of Solar Panels15245217260W8.78A37.6VDCCALL
Suniva OPT335-72-4-100 Pallet (22) of Solar Panels15245317370W8.89A37.7VDCCALL
Suniva OPT340-72-4-100 Pallet (22) of Solar Panels15245417480W8.99A37.8VDC
Suniva OPT285 Silver Mono Pallet (25) of Solar Panels18944367125W8.93A31.9VDC
Suniva OPT285 Black Mono Pallet (25) of Solar Panels18944387125W8.84A32.2VDCCALL