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About Suniva

  • Website: http://www.suniva.com/
  • Made in: United States
  • Warranty:

    10 years workmanship

     25 years linear power output

Key Points

  • 40 years of Research and Development
  • High efficiency ratings


Key Points

  • 40 years of Research and Development.
  • Extremely high efficiency ratings.
  • Uses 80%+ US-made components. "Buy America"-compliant.
  • Partners with Georgia Tech and provides students hands-on learning.
Solar Farm in West Tennessee powered by Suniva solar panels
Solar Farm in West Tennessee powered by Suniva solar panels

Wholesale Solar is pleased to have recently forged a new partnership with Suniva. Suniva produces premium, high-efficiency panels made with over 80% U.S.-made materials. Wholesale Solar gets a great price on these panels, which means we can offer our customers a premium panel at a competitive price.

Questions? Call one of our solar experts at 1-800-472-1142.

Why Choose Suniva Modules?

American Innovation - Based in Norcross, Georgia, Suniva has a partnership with Georgia Tech, where students get hands-on learning experience in the field of green technology. In fact, many of Suniva's silicon cells are grown right there in the lab at Georgia Tech.

Suniva is one of only a few U.S.-operated manufacturers that offer "Buy America-compliant*" modules, and their panels contain more than 80% U.S. content. Their premium solar modules have one of the highest percentages of U.S. content in the industry.

Premium Product - Suniva is the leading U.S. manufacturer of high-efficiency, high-quality PV solar cells and high-power modules. Factor in a competitive price tag, and it's clear that Suniva solar modules are a great choice for discerning DIY solar customers.

*Buy America compliant means that more than 50% of the content (by value) must be U.S. product. Suniva exceeds this requirement with our 80%+ U.S. content. In addition, final assembly must occur in the USA.

Suniva Solar Panels

ModelPart No.WattsAmpsVoltsPrice
Subcategory: Mono
Suniva OPT260-60-4-1B0 Black Mono Solar Panel1524404260W8.52A30.5VDCCALL
Suniva OPT265-60-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524405265W8.64A30.7VDCCALL
Suniva OPT270-60-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524406270W8.68A31.20VDCCALL
Suniva OPT275-60-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524416275W8.64A31.70VDCCALL
Suniva OPT340-72-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panel1524540340W8.99A37.8VDC
Subcategory: Mono Pallet
Suniva OPT325-72-4-100 Silver Mono Pallet (22) of Solar Panels of Solar Panels15245117150W8.67A37.5VDCCALL
Suniva OPT285 Black Mono Pallet (25) of Solar Panels18944387125W8.84A32.2VDCCALL

Discontinued Items

Wholesale Solar no longer carries the following items. They are listed for informational purposes only. For replacement recommendations please call us at 1-800-472-1142.