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About Trojan Battery Company

Key Points

  • Industry-renowned for durability
  • High cycle life


Founded in 1925 by George Godber and Carl Speer, Trojan Battery Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries. From deep-cycle flooded batteries to deep-cycle AGM and gel batteries, Trojan has shaped the world of deep-cycle battery technology with more than 85 years of battery manufacturing experience. As proactive supporters of environmental sustainability, Trojan’s environmental stewardship focuses on clean energy initiatives and recycling programs. Trojan manufactures batteries that are 97% recyclable. Through its partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE) Trojan saves over 8 million kilowatt hours and cuts CO2 emissions by over 12 million pounds significantly reducing our annual energy consumption and carbon foot print.

Key Points

  • Trojan’s proprietary Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus® Paste Formulation deliver longer life and enhanced performance.

Trojan Battery Company Batteries

ModelPart No.VoltageAmp HoursTypeWarrantyPrice
Subcategory: Flooded Lead Acid
Trojan Battery Company L16RE-2V Flooded Battery91110252VDC1110AhFlooded Lead Acid5-Years
Trojan Battery Company L16RE-A Flooded Battery99016656VDC325AhFlooded Lead Acid5-Years
Trojan Battery Company L16RE-B Flooded Battery99016756VDC370AhFlooded Lead Acid5-Years
Trojan Battery Company Trojan IND23-4V Flooded Battery 4v 1270 AH Battery99017004VDCFlooded Lead Acid2 years
Trojan Battery Company T105 Flooded Battery99105556VDC225AhFlooded Lead Acid2-Years
Trojan Battery Company SCS200 Flooded Battery992005512VDC115AhFlooded Lead Acid

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