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About Westinghouse Electric

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  • Made in: United States
  • Warranty: 15 yr warranty on the inverter, and the solar panel was guaranteed to generate at least 90% for 10 yrs and 80% for 25 yrs

Key Points

  • Quality solar modules for residential and commercial


Key Points

  • Sold to Australia's CBD Energy in 2012
  • The panels had a built-in AC to DC inverter
  • The panels had integrated racking hardware, grounding wires, and module-to-module connectors
Westinghouse AC Solar Panel

Westinghouse Solar (formerly known as Akeena Solar) introduced the first alternating current (AC) electrical system and has been a key innovator in the electric industry ever since. The company also pioneered long-distance and high voltage power transmission and played a major role in the development of the national grid. In 2012 Australia's CBD Energy aquired Westinghouse Solar and we no longer carry any of their products.

The company entered the renewable energy market in 2001 with the inception of Westinghouse Solar. The company sells solar modules for residential and commercial applications. In 2007, Westinghouse Solar pioneered the concept of integrating a microinverter, wiring, and racking directly with the solar panel. The innovative concept quickly gained industry acclaim, and won the 2009 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough award. These integrated AC solar panels reduce the number of components for rooftop installation by 80 percent, greatly reducing labor costs.

Black-framed AC Westinghouse solar panels (actually manufactured by Suntech) are combined with Enphase M190 Microinverters.(August 2011.) Eventually they will used the newer Enphase M215 Microinverter. The AC solar panels are made to be mounted using Andalay racking, which is similar to the Zep system of racking. No rails are required and grounding for inverters and panels are integrated. The warranty is separate for solar panel and the inverter. The solar panel was back by a 25-year warranty, while the Enphase inverter is guaranteed for 15 years.

The Westinghouse AC solar panel concept greatly simplified the process of installation for do it yourself installers. Contact one of our experienced sales technicians at (1-800-472-1142 for more information on if there is an equivalent to Westinghouse AC solar panels). With the Westinghouse solar panel there was no need to purchase and wire an inverter, because this AC polycrystalline solar panel has built in microinverter technology. And, unlike ordinary solar panels, it has integrated racking hardware, grounding wires and module-to-module connectors. A solar power system using Westinghouse AC Solar panels required 80 percent fewer parts to install and maintain, and If you were mounting your panels on a roof, your roof would need 25 percent less penetrations.

What is an AC Solar Panel? Normally, a solar panel generates DC power (Direct Current), and needs an inverter to convert the DC power to AC power (Alternating Current), the kind of electrical current needed for normal household appliances. Eliminating the hassle of purchasing and wiring an external inverter, the term “AC solar panel” refers to a solar panel that has a built-in micro-inverter and is, therefore, ready to generate AC power.

What were the Benefits of a Westinghouse AC Solar Power System? In a traditional solar power system, solar panels are strung in series to a central inverter. If one of the solar panels goes down, or is not working optimally, all of the other solar panels will shut down or operate at the same output as the lowest performing panel. An AC Solar Power System optimizes your power harvest, because each solar panel is essentially equipped with its own microinverter and is not limited by the performance of the other solar panels. You could also more easily expand your system, one solar panel at a time, giving your greater design flexibility.

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Westinghouse 235-watt AC Solar Panel Specs Westinghouse Solar 235-watt AC Solar Panel SpecsWestinghouse Solar 235-watt AC Solar Panel Specs