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To whom it may concern:

Early last year I decided to install a solar panels on my Motor Home. I searched the Internet for prices and found Wholesale Solar to be the low cost provider.

I got on the telephone and lucked out by getting Wil as my sales rep/adviser to work with. As you can see by the photos I have 6 12 volt 135 watt panels installed. The Outback controller has a voltage limit of 60 and, if you are knowledgeable, that works out to 6 X 12 = 72 volts. I solved this, with Wil's cautious approval, by putting 2 panels in parallel making it look like one large 12 volt panel of 270 watts and the other 4 panels in series for 48 volts (4 X 12 = 48 + 12) for a grand, and at the limit, total of 60 volts for the array. As you look at the photos there are several of the wiring routing and one showing my connections for joining the panels together to get down to 60 volts.

As for Wholesale Solar and, in particular Wil, words are hard to find to describe the great service I received buying and installing this system. Wil is a great person to work with, even though I tend to step outside the box from time to time,  I have the highest respect for his guidance and advice offered while I did the install.

Working with Wil will keep you out of trouble with good advice and offers of where to go to confirm, if he cannot, what one wants to do that might be unusual.

Sincere regards to Wil and Wholesale Solar.

Thank you!,


One last thing, and I shared this with Wil who thought it was a great idea, with advice to confirm with those who may have additional knowledge, that since this install is on a Motor Home and thus a battery system consisting of 4 House Batteries and 2 Chassis Batteries served by, when traveling down the road, the 100 amp alternator through an equalizer that shunts that output to whichever bank of batteries are in need of output.

Presently I set the float point of the Outback Controller above either the Inverter/Converter or the Alternator settings to insure the Solar system is being fully utilized no matter the state of the Motor Home ie: parked and hooked up to power, driving down the road or dry camping (no shore power).

The idea here is to make sure the investment in the solar power it used up first before allowing the other sources to kick in. So, as I asked Wil, why not just hook the solar system up to the same point on the equalizer where the Alternator is hooked up to? I explained to Wil that I, presently, do have a 300 watt inverter to power a small battery maintainer, drawing power from the house batteries, hooked up to the chassis batteries keeping them charged up when I am parked or to lessen the load on the alternator, albeit small as it is, as I drive down the road but hooking up to the equalizer (I think the proper name is Isolator but equalizer makes it easier to understand) would be a clean way to accomplish maintaining all battery banks from one point with solar power and just about have the engine alternator in idle mode with the panels providing all the needed chassis battery power needed for travel. (we very seldom, if ever, travel at night with the Motor Home)

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