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Electrical Wiring Diagrams from Wholesale Solar
What are Electrical Wiring Diagrams?
CAD-designed diagrams that depict typical wiring paths and equipment wiring sequence.

What do Electrical Wiring Diagrams Cost?
In most cases, the cost of the custom diagram is included in the overall price of your solar system. There are some exceptions and variations, so be sure to ask your Sales Technician for details when discussing your solar system.

Why Do I Need An Electrical Wiring Diagram?
There are many reasons, which we've listed below.
  • Quicker permitting process
    • Submit for your permits faster by having your diagram earlier, complete and accurate.
  • Accurate diagrams the first time.
    • Accuracy means less re-submissions and less hassle with permitting department.
    • Wholesale Solar knows exactly what you bought and the diagram we create will be customized to your specific system.
  • Less research for customer, less sifting through various product installation manuals for details.
    • We know the equipment inside and out, let us run the calculations and put all the pieces together for you.
    • Dont pay someone else more to figure out what we already know.
  • Faster Instals, less labor, less down time
    • Know exactly what goes where before hand.
    • Less guess work in the field.
    • Less time installing, more time producing your own electricity
  • Know exactly what else you need before your system arrives.
    • Less trips to the supply store.
    • Less money wasted on unnecessary purchases.
  • Speedy diagram turnaround
    • Diagrams are often completed and to you within a couple business days
  • Revision support
    • Some inspectors will always want a change or two. So when needed we'll fast track your revisions. No waiting in line, even if we are backed up.
  • Less errors during installation.
    • Wiring equipment incorrectly can be dangerous, costly and can void your very valuable manufacturer warranties. A professional, accurate wiring diagram to follow can help you avoid these potential problems.
  • Peace of mind
    • Things can go wrong. Rest easy knowing your system, whether big or small, is set up safely and correctly.

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