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Compare Grid-tie Inverters Prices

All grid-tie inverters
produce the pure sine wave that is compatible with the alternating current waveform produced by your utility company. Sine wave inverters are a little more expensive, but they are compatible with almost all equipment and appliances that can be operated with power that comes from the grid. These multifunction inverters also allow you to send excess power to your utility company, in essence storing excess energy in the grid. Grid-tie inverters can be used to keep a back-up battery bank charged for emergency power in case of a utility power failure.
All of our grid tie inverters are UL listed and code-compliant
We do not stock refurbished grid tie inverters. Because grid tie inverters have stricter requirements than off-grid inverters, refurbished grid tie inverters may not be code-compliant. Check with your local electrician or building department before investing in a refurbished gridtie inverter.

Wholesale Solar carries all sizes of grid-tie inverters
If you don't see the size you need just call and our friendly techs to find the correct inverter size for your system requirements.

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