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SolarWorld Panels and Systems

SolarWorld Panels and Systems: In Stock and Ready to Ship!

We love SolarWorld panels for their efficiency and quality, as well as their cost effectiveness. These qualities are why they've been the largest solar manufacturer in the US for over 40 years, and it's why they're our featured panels.

If you're thinking of going solar, you can't do better than one of our systems with SolarWorld panels.

Call our solar experts today to get started at 1-800-472-1142 or browse our SolarWorld systems and panels below.

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Solar Panels

Solar PanelsPart No.WattsAmpsVoltsPrice
SolarWorld SW325 XL Silver Mono [Scratch N Dent] Solar Panel1922324325W9.48A37VDC$225.00
SolarWorld SW340 XL Black/Black Mono Solar Panel1922342340W9.01A38.0VDC
SolarWorld SW345 XL Silver Mono Solar Panel1922345345W9.10A38.2VDC
Fewer than 13 left!
SolarWorld SW290 Plus Black/Black 5BB Mono, [Scratch N Dent] Solar Panel1922394290W9.33A31.4VDC$295.00
SolarWorld SW295 Plus Black 5BB Mono Solar Panel1922397295W9.25A32.3VDC
Fewer than 11 left!
SolarWorld SW295 Plus Silver 5BB Mono Solar Panel1922387295W9.45A31.5VDC
Fewer than 3 left!
SolarWorld SW340 XL Black/Black Mono Pallet (32) of Solar Panels189199010880W9.01A38.0VDC
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