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Wholesale Solar Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Sept 13, 2017

Wholesale Solar respects your privacy. In short, we collect only the minimal information we need to 1) fulfill your requests, such as an order, a request for quote, or a newsletter signup and to 2) better understand who is using our website and how we can better serve them.

We share this information only with the companies we use to handle transactions, such as our shopping cart and order processor (Ultracart), our newsletter handler (Hubspot), and our web analysis processor (Google). We do not share your information with third parties not directly involved in helping us fulfill your requests.

Examples: We send anonymous browsing information to Google when you visit our website. If you sign up for our newsletter, we send your email address to Hubspot. If you place an order, we send your order details to Ultracart for payment processing.

We never sell your information.

What information do we collect, and why?

Visits to our website

We use Google Analytics to measure our visitors’ activities on our website. This tells us basic, non-personally-identifiable information such as the kind of device and web browser you’re using, the page(s) you visit, the search terms you found us with, etc.

We use this data to better understand how visitors use our website and to respond to their needs accordingly.

Example: We see that a website visitor found us through a search for “American-made solar panels” and spent the next fifteen minutes browsing our website, looking for the right products to purchase.

Personal information you voluntarily supply

If you engage in a transaction on our website such as placing an order, requesting a quote, or signing up for our newsletter, we use the information you provided to fulfill that request.

Where necessary, our online order processing company uses your billing information to process your payment, our shippers use your shipping address to deliver goods to you, and our newsletter system uses your email address to send you new issues.

Example: We receive an order for a off-grid solar package, so we use that customer’s billing and shipping information to process payment and ship their goods. That same customer decides to also sign up for our newsletter, so we store their email address for future mailings.

A combination of the above

We may combine the above information to better understand the flow of our shoppers’ experiences on our website. We do not collect additional data for this, but we may correlate and cross-reference our existing data.

We do this to better understand the effectiveness of our website and advertising in matching the needs of our customers, and to more efficiently provide visitors with the information or products they’re looking for.

Example: We determine that a visitor who searched for “US-made solar panels” eventually purchased a specific type of solar panel, and that several other customers made the same purchase decision. We then use this combined knowledge to tailor our ads to mention this particular product, having learned that it’s a good match for customers who search for those keywords. This results in a easier, quicker experience for future customers.

I don’t like this. How do I opt out?

While these practices are standard and common to most online retailers, we understand that not all visitors want to be a part of this process. You may completely opt out of Google Analytics by following Google’s instructions on their opt-out page. This will prevent us, and other Google Analytics-enabled sites, from collecting browsing information about you.

If you opt out of Google Analytics, the only information we collect about you is what you voluntarily and explicitly provide us during a transaction. And as above, we will only use this information to fulfill your requests.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you.

Solar questions? Website problems? Please contact us.