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Model: T80
Brand: Apollo Solar
Product Type: Charge Controllers
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With 80 Amps continuous output, the Apollo Solar T80 will process up to 5300 Watts of PV power - the largest capacity in the industry by over 30%. The T80 captures up to 35% more power from the photovoltaic (PV) array. Our Patent Pending MPPT algorithm starts early and locks onto the peak power during rapidly changing insolation and temperature.

The Apollo Solar T80 includes a built-in energy monitor using TriMetricTM Technology from Bogart Engineering. It tracks power production and consumption and calculates the energy remaining in the battery. State of Charge (SOC) is displayed in Percent Full, Amp-hours and bar graph format. Historical data on energy harvest are stored in the T80 for ninety days.

The Apollo Solar T80 TurboChargerTM produces full rated power without de-rating up to 40oC ambient temperature. High efficiency power circuits and robust thermal design minimize heat generation. The internal temperature-controlled variable speed fan runs just fast enough to maintain optimum reliability.

The Apollo Solar T80's efficient MPPT technology dramatically reduces the cost of a PV system by reducing the number of PV panels required, eliminating the need for heavy gauge wiring, and increasing the life of the storage batteries.

Apollo T80 Charge Controller
Apollo T80 MPPT Charge Controller

Apollo T80 MPPT Charge Controller product manual
Product Manual
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Apollo T80 MPPT Charge Controller product specs
Product Specifications
Apollo T80 MPPT Charge Controller product specs
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Apollo T80 12, 24, 36, 48 80a 22 3900809

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"Compared to the MX60, the Apollo T-80 has 33% more capacity AND works more efficiently in really hot and sunny locations! Also, it has a built in total system monitor and battery status meter."