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3900141 Classic 150
3920041 Classic 200 test
3920051 Classic 250

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The next generation of MPPT charge controllers--the MIdnite Solar’s Classic Charge Controller--makes renewable energy more viable and more accessible than ever before. 

Past MPPT controllers have been limited to a maximum of 150 VDC. Midnite’s Classic offers 150, 200 or 250 VDC--accommodating larger string sizes and higher voltage panels. Built-in string sizing and battery bank capacity sizing are available to streamline your design process.  A help mode and set up wizard help you through the learning curve.

A built-in safety measure, the arc fault detector, guards your system from threat of fire. Two auxiliary outputs allow you to divert excess power to other applications such as battery box vents or generator starting.

Midnite Solar’s Classic Charge controller works with wind, solar and hydropower systems. Wind or hydropower systems actually yield up to 50 to 250 percent more power with the “Classic”.

Another significant advance with the Classic is the ability to access your power system remotely via the internet. If you’re out of town, you can call in to the system to troubleshoot problems, and get it back in working order. If you have plenty of excess power, you can even turn on the snow-melting feature while you’re away.  Remote control of Midnite power systems will be invaluable for installers, dealers and homeowners alike.

Call a Wholesale Solar technician at 1-800-472-1142 to find out more about Midnite Solar's new Classic Charge Controller.

MidNite Solar string sizing tool
Model Operating Volts Max Hyper VOC Battery ChargeV Max Current Out Dimensions Item
Midnite Solar Classic150 150VDC 150+ battery
48 volt max
12-93 96A @t 12V
94A@24 V
14.87” x 5.95” x 4.00” 3900141
Midnite Solar Classic 200 200VDC 200+ battery
48 volt max
12-93 74A@12V
14.87” x 5.95” x 4.00” 3920041
Midnite Solar Classic 250 250VDC 250+ battery
48 volt max
12-93 60A@12V
14.87” x 5.95” x 4.00” 3920051

Accessories Operating Volts Item Price
MidNite MNPV-12-250, 6 Position High Voltage Combiner Box 250VDC 8912250
MidNite MNPV-16-250, 8 Position High Voltage Combiner Box 250VDC 8916250
MNEPV10-300 10 amp DC Breaker 300VDC DIN, 26mm Required for Classic 200 and 250 8410100 CALL
MNEPV15-300 15 amp DC Breaker 300VDC DIN, 26mm Required for Classic 200 and 250 8410150
MNEPV20-300 20 amp DC Breaker 300VDC DIN, 26mm Required for Classic 200 and 250 8410200
Whiz Bang Jr.
Shunt-mounted battery charge current monitor
- 9904945

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Features and General Information

  • HyperVOC mode (add the battery voltage to the operating voltage for VOC rating)
  • Solar, Wind and Hydro MPPT modes
  • Get 50-250% more power from hydro and wind turbines
  • Learning mode for Solar, Wind and Hydro
  • User programmable for most all battery charging wind turbines (may require the Clipper)
  • Built in string sizing and battery sizing programs
  • Built in voltage drop calculator for PV wiring in AWG and Metric
  • Knows when sun up and sundown are to take place anywhere in the world
  • Secure data monitoring and logging
  • Snow melting mode automatic or manual local or over the internet
  • Arc fault detector reduces threat of fire
  • Built in DC-GFP without the hassle of fuses
  • Graphics display panel USB port for uploading firmware updates and data logging to a PC or Mac
  • Graphics display turns into an oscilloscope
  • Battery voltage supported up to 72 for the Classic150, 200 and 250. 120 volts for Classic 250KS
  • Two aux outputs: 1 dry contact relay and one 12v output/ input
  • 32 megabytes of onboard storage
  • Snap on covers and hole plugs allow sealed or vented operation
  • How do MPPT charge controllers work?
  • What does the charge controller do?
  • What size do I need?
MidNite Classic String Sizing Tool

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"The Midnite Solar’s Classic Charge Controller, makes renewable energy more viable and more accessible than ever before."