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Enphase Energy Enlighten monitoring subscribe to Enphase Energy Enlighten - An Online Monitoring System for your solar power system
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Optional Item Price
Enphase Energy Management Unit w/ 90-day trial of the Enlighten Online Monitoring Service, includes Enphase Envoy Cummunications Gateway
2977055 $345
Enphase Install Kit, AC Branch Circuit 240
2900249 $70.50

Registration for Enphase Energy's Enlighten monitoring support allows you to monitor your micro-inverter supported solar power system from anywhere you have internet access. The Enlighten website provides a wide range of information on your system and the individual solar panels. A graph of the solar array provides info on each module. More detailed information, such as current and lifetime performance, gives you a true view of the benefits of your solar energy system.

Enlighten allows you to monitor the performance of each module in your system. No additional monitoring hardware or software is necessary. Unlike third party monitoring systems, which monitor only the inverter, Enlighten provides unprecedented insight into how each module is performing.

Enlighten continuously monitors the performance of your system and highlights any deviation in its performance by comparing the harvest of individual panels to the harvest of surrounding solar panels. You can choose to be sent an alert upon certain conditions, so that problems may be addressed either during routine maintenance or at the installer's convenience.

The Enlighten website gives you information in several formats: summary views, totals by day/week/month/life-time, and time-lapse motion summary, for the entire array and for individual modules.
Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway Unit

Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway unit shown above is required for registration for Enphase Enlighten. This is the unit that transmits data from your system to the Enphase Enlighten website. Download Enphase Envoy Technical Data.

Demonstration of Wholesale Solar's Enlighten Monitoring Site.

Please be patient while our online demo system loads below...
You might have to scroll down a bit to see the demo...

Wholesale Solar is currently testing eight solar panels for quality on Enphase micro-inverters. With Enphase Enlighten we are able to monitor their output from any computer to see how how well they are doing. Check it out:

FIRST, check the Mt. Shasta Cam to see what weather we’re having. Cloudy skies won't produce as much electricity as sunny days!

The top solar panels from left to right are the Suntech 175, Sunwize 175, Sharp 170 and Canadian CSI 190. Below it, from left to right, are the Solar World 175, 2 Kyocera KC 85's wired in series, and the Kyocera KD210GX-LP210. (Please note that the Kyocera KD210GX-LP210 is being tested with an Enphase micro-inverter. Enphase does not have this Kyocera panel on its recommended list of solar panels mainly because of its performance in the hottest of climates.) Click below this image on any individual panel and scroll down to see the power output.  Look around at the other menu options.

Online Enphase solar power system monitor

The first two panels on the left on the lower tier are set at our Winter angle, which is 55 degrees. The panels on the upper row and the panel on the right of the lower tier are set at 30 degrees. People ask us how much difference changing these angles makes. The comparison can be seen in the outputs of the Solar World 175 and the SunWize 175. When at the same angle these two panels perform almost exactly the same. When the SunWize panel is adjusted to a Summer angle it picks up between 8 and 10% more power.

If the panels are not producing, it is most likely night time here...