Fronius inverters
Model: IG Plus 3.0-1 UNI
Brand: Fronius Inverters
Product Type: Inverters
Item: Model Price:
2930005 IG Plus 3.0-1 UNI CALL
2934897 IG Plus v 3.0-1 CALL

Greater energy harvest with three efficiency peaks

With an automatic transforming switching process the Fronius IG Plus 3.0-1 uses 3 efficient peaks of energy. This allows for a large input voltage range with stable high efficiency.

MIX™ Concept

With a combination of multiple power stages in each inverter, you are able to get the most out of you energy collection. This is possible due to the inverter's ability to divide up the work in relationship to operating hours allowing for multiple efficient energy collecting processes.

Module Manager™

By allowing the inverters to match the solar panels with maximum power point (MPP), all the energy collected is converted at a high efficiency.

Smart Ventilation Design

High protection against disruptive environmental conditions with a smart no contact air ventilation design. Cool air is routed through the inverter within its own air channel. This makes sure no damaging environmental conditions contaminate the internal workings of the inverter.

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Model Volts Watts Item
IG Plus 3.0-1  208 V / 240 V / 277 V 3,000 2930005

Optional Accessories Description Item Price
Personal Display
Fronius IG Personal Display for Wireless
2958102 CALL
Datalogger Easy Box
Fronius Datalogger Easy Box
Datalogger Easy Card
Fronius Datalogger Easy Card
Datalogger Web
Fronius Datalogger Web
9934375 CALL
Datalogger Pro Card
Fronius Datalogger Pro Card
Datalogger Pro Box
Fronius Datalogger Pro Box

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Features and General Information

  • On site grounding selection. The Fronius IG Plus 3.0-1 is programmed to ground positive or negative module grounding on site.

  • Well suited for outdoor or indoor installations. This inverter is designed with a durable aluminum housing.  Corrosion and UV resistance enables dual use either outdoors or indoors.

  • DC disconnect integrated. No need for a DC disconnects or parts such as cables. The Fronius IG Plus 3.0-1 comes with a plug-and-play DC Disconnect.

  • Safety with the new power plug. The power stages are installed completely separately from one and another.  The connection area still attaches to the wall as normal. The power module is plugged in, connecting both parts into one safe unit.

  • AC output voltage is field programmable. The Fronius IG Plus 3.0-1 is programmable to 208,240 or 277 volts. No more need to install multiple inverter models for three-phase installations.

Technical Data

Fronius IG Plus
3.0-1 UNI
Input Data
Recommended PV-Power (Wp) 2500-3450
MPPT-Voltage range 230 - 500 V
Max. Input voltage range
(at 1000 W/m² 14°F (-10°C) in open circuit operation)
600 V
Nominal Input Current 8.3 A
Max. usable Input Current 14.0 A
Admissible conductor size (DC) No. 14-6 AWG
Output Data
Nominal output power (PAC nom)  3000 W
Max. continuous output power
104°F (40°C) 208 V / 240 V /
277 V
 3000 W
Nominal AC output voltage  208 V / 240 V / 277 V

Operating AC voltage range (default)
208 V
240 V
277 V

183 - 229 V (-12 / +10 %)
211 - 264 V (-12 / +10 %)
244 - 305 V (-12 / +10 %)
Nominal output current
208 V
240 V
277 V

14.4 A
12.5 A
10.8 A
Max. output current
208 V
240 V
277 V

16.4 A
14.2 A
12.3 A
Admissible conductor size (AC)  No. 14 - 4 AWG
Max. continuous utility back feed current  0 a
Nominal frequency  60 Hz
Operating frequency range  59.3 - 60.5 Hz
Total harmonic distortion  < 3 %
Power factor  1
General Data
Max. Efficiency 96.2 %
CEC Efficiency
208 V
240 V
277 V

95.0 %
95.5 %
95.5 %
Consumption in standby (night) 1 W
Consumption during operation 8 W
Cooling Controlled forced ventilation, variable fan speed
Enclosure Type NEMA 3R
Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.1 x 24.8 x 9.6. in. 
Inverter Weight 31 lbs. (14 kg)
Wiring Compartment Weight 24 lbs. (11 kg)
Ambient operating temperature -4 ... 122°F (-20 ... + 50°C)
Compliance UL 1741-2005, IEEE1547-2003, IEEE 1547.1, ANSI/IEEE C62.41,
FCC Part 15 A&B, NEC Article 690, C22. 2 No. 107.1-01
(Sept. 2001)
Safety Equipment
Ground fault protection Internal GFDI (Ground Fault Detector/Interrupter); in accordance with UL 1741-2005 and NEC Art. 690
DC reverse polarity protection Internal diode
Islanding protection Internal; in accordance with UL 1741-2005, IEEE 1547-2003 and NEC
Over temperature Output power derating / active cooling