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Model: GS8048
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OutBack Power's new Radian Series GS-8048 8,000-watt, 48-volt inverter/charger provides the answer for grid-interactive and standalone power systems. Engineered from the ground up to simplify the design, distribution, installation and implementation of energy storage, the standardized structure and integration with the GSLC load center make it easy to provide a successful solution to any power requirement, anywhere. And, with a name like OutBack Power, you can't go wrong.

The OutBack Power Radian GS-8048 inverter Incorporates a powerful DC to AC true sine wave inverter, battery charger and dual AC inputs. And with its 120/240V split-phase power, you get a total power solution which seamlessly integrates with traditional North American wiring practices.

The inverter's unique dual power module design provides high efficiency at both low and full power operation, and also provides redundancy for critical applications. Its modular design also allows easy field servicing of installed systems.

Complete system interface via the OutBack HUB system communications manager enables the Radian Series GS-8048 inverter to be connected with other OutBack Power electronics providing industry leading integration and a robust, scalable power solution. Up to 10 units can be connected in parallel for systems up to 80kW continuous power output.

The Radian Series utilizes a durable stainless steel face with galvanized steel enclosure, providing you with OutBack’s signature ruggedness but with a sleek, compact and modern appearance.

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Radian GS8048

Call (1-800-472-1142 for current pricing on OutBack GS-8048 8.000-watt, 48-volt inverter.

OutBack GVFX GS804 8,000-watt, 48-volt Inverter Product Specs OutBack GVFX GS804 8,000-watt, 48-volt Inverter Product Specs
Installation Manual
OutBack GS-8048 8,000-watt, 48-volt inverter product manual OutBack GS-8048 8,000-watt, 48-volt inverter product specs
Owners Manual GS Load Center
Model Volts Watts Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
GS-8048 48 8,000 125 2550053

Optional Accessories Description Part Number Price
GSCM Atkinson Generator Start Control Module 2963415
MATE Outback MATE Remote Monitor & control 9578062
MATE3 Outback MATE3 Remote Monitor & control 9578732
FLEXnet DC System Monitor Outback Flexnet FN-DC System Monitor 9541875
HUB4 Outback HUB-4 Communication Manager 9500252
HUB10 Outback HUB-10 Communication Manager 9578072
FW-SP-ACA Outback FW-SP-ACA AC Adapter w/surge Suppressor 9552133

Load Centers Description Part Number Price
GSLC - Prewired Load Center Outback Pre-wired GSLC 175A 120/240 VAC for Radian 2550055
GSLC - Basic Load Center OutBack Basic Load Center for Radian 2550054
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"These inverters are designed and built by the same team that developed the Trace Sinewave Inverters."