The UPG 10-watt mono-crystalline solar panel is good for smaller applications.

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Model: UPG 10-watt Mono-crystalline Solar Module

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A high quality mono-crystalline solar panel, the UPG 10-watt solar module is perfect for smaller projects and/or applications such as RV's, or mobile homes. With a superior efficiency rating (14.5%)—this module is a good choice if space is an issue. The module’s junction box will save you the expense of buying additional adapters.

UPG 10 panel powering a motor bikeMono-crystalline PV technology is often considered superior to polycrystalline and amorphous thin film technologies. Invented in 1955, it is the original PV technology. Easily identifiable by uniformly stacked rounded cells, it has a single and continuous crystal lattice structure with practically zero defects or impurities. Read more about the differences in cell types here.

Wholesale Solar's technician Wil Burlin boosted his daughter's 4 wheeler with a UPG 10-watt solar panel. Check it out on our Facebook page.

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UPG 10-watt Solar Panel

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UPG 10-watt Mono-crystalline Solar Module product specs
Product Specifications
Model Watts Amps Volts Dimensions (inches) Shipping Weight (lbs) Item
UPG 10-watt Mono-crystalline Solar Module
10 .51 18 16.34" x 10.55" x .87 3.3 1910046

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  UPG 10-watt solar panel

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"The UPG 10-watt Mono-crystalline Solar Module comes with its own junction box. "