The multi-crystalline BP SX 160B solar panels with bronze frames are used in grid-tied systems for homes, commercial buildings and central power generation in remote systems.

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Model: BP SX 160B
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The SX-160B ("B" for bronze frame) solar panel is designed to provide superior value and performance for residential, commercial and industrial use. With time-tested multi-crystalline silicon solar cells, it provides cost-effective power for DC loads or, with an inverter, AC loads.

With 72 enhanced-efficiency cells in series, it charges 24V batteries (or multiples of 24V) efficiently in virtually any climate. At 160 watts of nominal maximum power, the SX-160 is used in utility grid-supplemental systems for residences, commercial buildings, and centralized power generation and in remote systems for applications including telecommunication, pumping and irrigation, cathodic protection, remote villages and homes, and land-based navigation aids.

BP Solar's quarter-century of field experience shows in every aspect of this module's construction and materials: 72 multi-crystalline silicon solar cells in series, efficiency enhanced by improved cell coating; Cells are laminated between sheets of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and high-transmissivity low-iron 3mm tempered glass; Frame strength exceeds requirements of certifying agencies.

The SX-160B features installation-speeding quick-connectors and an attractive bronze-anodized frame. These asymmetrical RHW cables enable side-by-side or end-to-end module placement in arrays.

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multi-crystalline BP SX 160B solar panels

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BP SX 160 Solar Panel product specs
Product Specifications
Model Watts Amps Volts Size (Inches) Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
BPSX160B 160 4.6 35.0 63x31x2 33 1211600

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Materials and Construction

Limited Warranties:
  • Power output of 80% for 25 years
  • 12 year limited warranty of 90% power output
  • 5 years limited warranty of materials and workmanship

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"The BPSX160B is perfect for grid-intertied residential applications."