The multi-crystal silicon Sharp 142 watt photovoltaic modules are designed for peak roofs and large solar electric power systems. Previously the Sharp 140.

Sharp solar panels
Model: Sharp 142
Item: Price:
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Made in the USASharp’s ND-N2ECUF photovoltaic modules offer industry-leading performance and aesthetics. These residential modules give the clean, attractive appearance of a high-tech skylight while the black anodized aluminum frames and trim strips blend beautifully with the home’s exterior. In addition, an “L” hook design located along the frame’s perimeter ensures easy integration with the residential system mounting hardware.

Developed to withstand extreme heat and high winds, the ND-N2ECUF has an anti-reflective coating that provides a uniform blue color and increases light absorption in all types of weather. Sharp’s ND-N2ECUF modules are a breakthrough in technology and aesthetics.

Although the 142's are designed for Grid intertie applications, you can use them in a battery-based system with an Outback MX60 charge controller in series strings of up to 4 panels (min. 2 for 12, 3 for 24 VDC systems, 7 for 48 VDC).


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Sharp 142 watt solar panel

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Sharp 142 Solar Panel product specs
Product Specifications
Model Watts Amps Volts Size (Inches) Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
Sharp 142 142 7.84 20 45.87" x 38.98” x 1.81” 32 1301429

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Limited Warranties:
  • Power output of 80% for 25 years
  • 25-year limited warranty, except for RV or marine use

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"The Sharp 142's trim strips and black frames piece together seamlessly for an elegant, functional roof mounted system."