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Made in the USAThe Sharp NU-U235F1 235-watt solar panel is made from monocrystalline silicon. With a maximum load of 50 pounds per square foot and a superior power tolerance, this panel is definitely a sturdy, quality panel. Manufactured in Memphis, this Sharp solar panel is designed for commercial, residential grid-tie roof systems or for arrays mounted on the ground. It comes with 25-year limited warranty and are UL listed.

The technology used in the Sharp NU-U235F1 235 watt solar panel is based on 50 years of research. Sharp's proprietary innovation in surface texturing maximizes the light absorption of a solar panel, yielding a higher efficiency rating. (An efficiency rating is the percentage of sunlight that is converted from a module into energy to maximize your savings.)

Sharp manufactures their solar panels to withstand the most rigorous operating conditions, while still offering high power output.

Sharp NU-U235F1

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Sharp NU-U235F1 Solar Panel product specs
Product Specifications
Model Watts Amps Volts Size (Inches) Shipping Weight (lbs.) Item
Sharp NU-U235F1 235 8.6A 30 64.6 x 39.1 x 1.8 44.1 1350383

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