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The Backup Power You Need to Go Off-Grid...
For Half the Price.

The eclipse might be coming, but the sun still shines on solar, and there’s never been a better time to go off-grid. For one month only, we’re making that even easier, with a once-in-an-eclipse offer for half off your system's battery bank!

With savings of up to $6,444, this offer is not something you want to miss!

That’s right, fill your battery bank for half the price, for every battery you buy we’ll match you, up to the recommended specs for your system. That’s a bundle of savings to give you a bit of peace of mind when the sun goes down, keeping the lights on no matter what time of day.

Every off-grid system, complete or custom applies, so long as it is the size of, or larger than, our Cabin Package.

So get in while the sun still shines on this offer! Available while supplies last through August 21, 2017.

  • 50% Off Your Battery Bank
  • Off-Grid Cabin Packages and larger qualify.
  • Battery amount honored up to the recommended specs.
  • Cannot be combined with additional offers
  • Savings not applicable on online orders
  • Payment by check/wire transfer required
  • Battery amount honored based on the recommended battery options for each off-grid system.

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What's in an off-grid solar system anyway? And how does it work together to let you become your own power company? Find out in this short video covering the basics.

Your battery bank is half off with our Solar Blackout Sale, but which type of battery is right for your project? Find out in this overview of the types of batteries offered at Wholesale Solar.

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