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Telecommunications and Remote Power

Remote Telecommunication stations require stand-alone power systems. Powering telecommunication equipment with gas generators is problematic, to say the least. When sunshine is available, solar powered systems are the most hassle-free solution. In addition to telecommunications, this type of system is also used for security systems, oil & gas monitoring and control, and government projects (utilities, fish & wildlife).

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SystemPart No.Array Size (STC)Monthly Output (PTC)PanelsPrice
Outback Power SPS.SYS.2.318.24 Remote Power System5500720
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160 W Remote Power/Telecom DC 12V1890105160 W22 kWh1 Solarland SLP160S-12 Silver Mono Solar Panels
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320 W Watt Remote Power/Telecom DC 12/24V1890110320 W43 kWh2 Solarland SLP160S-12 Silver Mono Solar Panels
540 W Watt Telecom/Off-Grid DC 12/24V1890120540 W73 kWh2 Astronergy CHSM6610P-270 Solar Panels
810 W Watt Telecom/Off-Grid DC 12/24/48V1890125810 W109 kWh3 Astronergy CHSM6610P-270 Solar Panels
1.08 kW Watt Telecom/Off-Grid DC 24/48V18901301.08 kW146 kWh4 Astronergy CHSM6610P-270 Solar Panels
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Remote Telecommunications

These systems can power electronics equipment ANYwhere you want to put it. Call us to discuss your particular needs: 1-800-472-1142