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Destined to Power Your Own Way? But, feel the cost of turnkey installers is just too high?

You’re not alone. In fact, 69% of the people that research solar feel the long term energy savings do not justify the high up-front costs.

BUT…if done right… going solar CAN be a great investment.

PLUS…it only takes one or two weekends for a do it yourself solar build!

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FACT…Big Solar doesn’t want You to know about DIY Solar.

FACT…Big Solar doesn’t want You to know you can Save Up To 40% with DIY Solar.

FACT…Big Solar shareholders like to keep that 40% mark-up for themselves.

TRUTH…Solar is not some big, scary technology only tech-savvy professionals can install.

Anyone can install solar themselves – just like anyone can renovate a new kitchen or remodel their bathroom.

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“I’ve done a few DIY projects with varying degrees of success, kitchen and bathroom remodel as well as an addition that was a bit more involved. Installing this solar system was one of the easiest (& most rewarding) projects.”

Ryder M.,
DIY Solar Homeowner

TRUTH…Plug-&-Play, simple connect DIY Solar is the new affordable way to get industry-best solar panels & PV system components at an affordable price.

TRUTH…The days of hiring some Big Solar turnkey “professional” installer are over.

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SURE…if you have an extra $10-$20K to waste on a leasing scam — or fill Big Solar shareholder pockets, then Wholesale Solar might not be for you. And that’s okay.

BUT…if you don’t like wasting money and can use that extra $10-20K savings for something else – like a new truck, boat or college for the kids), then check us out today!

Since 2002, we’ve helped thousands of independent-minded customers save thousands over Big Solar outfits and leasing schemes with DIY Solar power systems for homes & businesses.

We have been featured in national publications, helped nearly 8,000 thrilled DIY customers, and are proud to be:

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  • 100% Employee-owned (we benefit by working for you)
  • Proud & Trusted USA Company (we’re not a faceless dropship company)
  • One of the highest positive-rated solar companies on Google (4.8/5 Stars)
  • Industry-leading design & support techs (before, during & after installation)
  • Live USA-based sales & support team (available by phone, chat or email)

NOW…If you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and DIY a project to make your investment opportunity go further— DIY Solar is hands-down the best, most affordable solution.

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