Solar powered traffic warning signals and speed awareness displays by Kyocera Solar.

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kyocera solar powered warning traffic signals
Traffic warnings signals powered by solar.

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kyocera solar powered traffic systems

Solar powered traffic warning signals & speed awareness displays

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Solar powered flashing beacon systems and equipment for traffic safety applications from Kyocera Solar. Kyocera is the leading producer of solar powered traffic signal systems ranging from speed awareness displays and school zone flashers to 24-hour flashers and customizable signal message displays.

Kyocera provides solar powered off the shelf traffic systems or for a custom system package contact Wholesale Solar 1-800-472-1142. Because the systems use high efficiency LED beacons the system size and cost are reduced while system performance and lifetime are increased.

These systems are designed to work trouble free for the lifetime of the device. To decide what size system you need for your application figure amount of time you need the beacon to operate vs. the location of installation.

Warning Signals Brochure
PDF (1.62MB)
Speed Awareness Brochure
PDF (1.79MB)
Kyocera solar powered traffic safety applications:
  • Flashing 24 hour beacon system
  • Programmable time control school zone Flashing beacon system
  • Displays for speed awareness
  • Warning beacons for exits
  • Firehouse entrance
  • Warnings for crosswalks and intersections
  • Work zones
  • Warning for sharp curves
  • Entrance warning for plant/factory and facilities
Kyocera solar powered flashing traffic beacon
Kyocera solar powered warning traffic signal sign.
Kyocera solar powered traffic safety features:
  • Systems can be deployed with ease in any location – keeping installation cost low
  • Low power usage with LED beacon and long life
  • Design is low to maintenance fee
  • System packages are complete with poles


  • The components and hardware are theft and vandal resistant
  • Solar modules come with 20 year warranty
  • Unbreakable solar modules (Optional)
  • Maintenance free batteries that are long life and deep cycle
  • Remote control activation (Optional)

Kyocera solar powered warning signals

Solar powered warning signals by Kyocera Solar gives the traffic engineers the power to and flexibility to deliver the important traffic warnings in all locations regardless of the power source.

Kyocera solar powered warning signals applications:

  • Pre-intersections
  • School zone
  • Crossing pedestrians
  • Zones for emergency vehicles
  • Weigh stations
  • Sharp curves warnings
  • Detour/advisory
  • Icy bridge
  • High water warnings
  • Crossing railroad
  • Bump ahead
  • Wildlife/livestock crossing

kyocera solar powered traffic warning signal
Solar powered warning signals benefits:
  • Lowers operating cost by eliminating the need for expensive utility line extensions
  • Installation cost is low
  • Technology is proven
  • Setup and deployment of systems is easy and quick
  • Systems are vandal and theft resistant
Solar powererd warning signal features:
  • Solar modules are unbreakable
  • LEDs save power
  • Systems are self-contained
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Can operate in timed or continuous operation

Kyocera solar powered speed awareness displays

Solar powered speed awareness displays by Kyocera Solar created to assist transportation departments by promoting the speed limit and bring drivers into compliance through awareness.

Kyocera solar powered speed awarneness displays applications:

  • Low speed arterials
  • Cloverleaf highway connections
  • Direct connections for freeway to freeway
  • Transitions from high speed to low speed
  • School zones
  • Sharp curves
  • Work zones
  • Motor speedways and race tracks
kyocera traffic solar powered speed display

Solar powered speed awareness displays benefits:

  • Speed compliance promoting
  • Installation cost is low
  • Technology is proven
  • Installation and deployment is quick and easy
  • Vandal and theft resistant

Solar powererd speed awareness displays features:

  • Damage resistant solar modules
  • Power saving LEDs
  • Systems are fully self-contained
  • Close to maintenance free
  • Electronic components are modular (expandable)

Wholesale Solar can customize solar power package systems for any remote application. Call 1-800-472-1142 to discuss your needs. See also our Remote Telecommunications page.

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Solar powered speed awareness traffic systems from kyocera solar
Kyocer solar powered speed awareness display