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At Wholesale Solar, we don't just sell solar, we live it...and YOU can too!

Wholesale Solar presents "State of Independence"
(12:48) This short film introduces some of the dynamic people behind Wholesale Solar, a 100% Employee-Owned renewable energy company based in Mt. Shasta, California. Our knowledge of off-grid living, grid-tie solar power, and battery backup systems is put to use every day in our own lives. We don't just sell solar, we live it. And we're passionate about helping others realize their solar dreams, too.

(Note: For those who prefer shorter web viewing, the full version of this video has been broken into individual "Getting To Know" segments below).

Getting To Know: Todd Evirs
(2:18) This Off-Grid Design Specialist lives off-grid in the woods of California with his family in a straw-bale house he built himself. Don't worry, they still enjoy all the modern conveniences of home.

Getting To Know: Brent Hilton
(2:01) Sales Technician Brent Hilton resides in the tiny town of Callahan, Ca., where he enjoys hunting and fishing with his boys and helping his wife harvest flowers for her floral subscription business.

Getting To Know: Allie Coleman-Flores
(1:43) A life-long solar gal, Allie Coleman grew up off-grid in the New Mexico desert in a house made out of tires. A lover of learning and a passion for creating a positive, supportive, team-oriented working environment, she is now our CEO.

Getting To Know: Chad Thorpe
(1:55) Chief of Assembly for the Four Star Solar division of Wholesale Solar, Chad's team builds custom pre-wired off-grid inverter systems for customers around the country. After hours, you'll find him bombing down the steepest descents he can find on his custom-built mountain bike with a GoPro camera strapped to his head.

Getting To Know: Isaac Amaru
(2:16) Wholesale Solar’s resident chopper-riding, kilt-rockin’, solar-selling madman, Isaac's grid-tie system boasts 30 solar panels: all the better to power up his backyard hot tub. Yup, he's That Guy. Outside of work, Isaac can be found tending his garden and getting sporty in the beautiful outdoor lands of Mt. Shasta, California.

Getting To Know: Mark & Ellen Coleman
(2:38) The founders of Wholesale Solar built their own off-grid home 20 years ago in the desert of New Mexico. Their current home in Redding, CA, is powered by a grid-tied microgrid system and boasts a bountiful garden that prospers in the NorCal climate.