The Trinamount takes the headache out of mounting solar arrays.

Trina Solar

Model: Trinamount III
Brand: Trina Solar
Product Type: Mounts

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Trina Mount Array

With Trinamount, Trina Solar has come out with a whole new way of installing ballasted rooftop PV arrays. Sure to have a major impact on commercial and residential solar, this mount solution combines Trina's highly competitive polycrystalline solar panels with easy-to-use hardware. It's quite literally the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to mount PV modules.

Zep GrooveHow does this new system work and why is it so easy?
Because module frames are equipped with Zep interlocking hardware that connects directly to Trinamount hardware, there is no more need for long mounting rails. This system simultaneously accomplishes structural and grounding connections and installs up to four times faster than conventional mounting systems.

Trinamount requires only seven parts
. If you compare it to conventional systems, the Trinamount uses 80% fewer parts. The auto-grounded hardware uses only one ground lug per horizontal row. A separate grounding system is not needed.

Reducing the number of parts, the cost of materials, and installation time, Trinamount offers the optimal solution for residential and commercial installations. And with a 25-year warranty, you can't go wrong. Call Wholesale Solar to find out more about this new way of installing solar at 1-800-472-1142.

Trina Mount with Hardware

Trinamount III Flat Roof Mounting Solutions:
Model Watts Amps Volts Dimensions (inches) Shipping Weight (lbs) Item
TSM-225-PC05/PA05 10
225 7.66 29.4 64.95" x 39.05" x 1.57 55.8 -
TSM-230-PC05/PA05 10
230 7.72 29.8 64.95" x 39.05" x 1.57 55.8 -
TSM-235-PC05/PA05 10
235 7.81 30.1 64.95" x 39.05" x 1.57 55.8 -
TSM-240-PC05/PA05 10
240 7.89 30.4 64.95" x 39.05" x 1.57 55.8 -
TSM-245-PC05/PA05 10
245 7.98 30.7 64.95" x 39.05" x 1.57 55.8 -

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Limited Warranties:
  • 10-year product warranty for module and mounting
  • 25-year linear power performance warranty

  Trina Mount III Specs
  Trina Mount
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